Liquid Hardware’s founder uses his intuition to shape cutting-edge water bottle
VICTOR, IDAHO (JULY 12, 2012)— When Steve Kitto—the brains behind Liquid Hardware—isn’t
cutting houses in half with a chainsaw and hauling them over Teton Pass, he’s busy sketching intricate
designs for new products. Kitto’s latest brainchild, Liquid Hardware water bottles, makes its debut in
stores this fall. These stainless steel vessels come complete with magnetic Quick Stick Lids™ and a
whole-hearted social agenda to boot.
Kitto opened shop in the Jackson Hole area in the late
90s as a studio furniture maker. Fueled by the
adventure lifestyle, he spent his mornings sessioning
powder at the Village while crafting signature furniture
pieces by night. Looking down the line, Kitto purchased
the remnant building of a once thriving Teton Valley
railway system. This stomping ground (now Liquid
Hardware’s headquarters) soon became Kitto Gallery,
showcasing hand-spun furniture with a crafted flair.
Challenged by a hereditary kidney condition, Kitto was
constantly hydrating while working to keep a roof over
the heads of his family. It was the time spent behind the
planer, sucking down liters of water, when his innate
“power tool” kicked in. Steve concocted a stainless steel
water bottle housing a rare earth magnet to secure the
open lid to the container. This way, Steve could
continue his day’s work of multitasking, drive his
daughter to school and revel in the recreational highlife with a secure and steadfast bottle lid.
Liquid Hardware’s innovative bottles have a classic look and also offer convenience for the busy
adventurer. Their Cyclical Flow Philosophy aims to reduce plastic consumption and backs both
Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastics initiative and PKD (polycystic kidney disease) research. This philosophy
also mirrors Kitto’s beliefs in maintaining sustainable business practices and a work-life balance.
Backed by Liquid Hardware’s Many Moons Guarantee, consumers know they’re making the right
purchase. The bottles, similar to Kitto’s handcrafted furnishings, will last a lifetime –maybe even two.
Additionally, while feeding the drive of a fervid inventor with an ample social conscience, supporters
contribute enthusiasm to an industry fired up on adventure living.
About Liquid Hardware:
Liquid Hardware may be the rookie on tour but the durable bottles turn heads. A concept that originated
in a sleepy town at the base of the Tetons, the Liquid Hardware Quick Stick Lid™ pushes the envelope on
water bottle innovation. Liquid Hardware supplies consumers with a timeless piece of functional art while
also staying mindful in business practices. Stay tuned for future releases of bottles and purposeful
accessories that simplify the time spent “getting after it.”
Never Lose Your Lid.
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Liquid Hardware`s founder uses his intuition to shape cutting