SUNDAY 31st May 2015
The Most Holy Trinity
Next Sunday is The Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ
Year B/1
We are a people named by the Most Holy Trinity.
Baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
we share in God’s own life and mission.
Parish Priest: Fr Joseph Tran Mob: 0402 048 502
Assistant Priests: Fr Renald Anthony Mob: 0406 557 320
1st Reading: Deuteronomy 4:32-34. 39-40
Moses challenges God’s people to reflect on the greatest
mystery of all: that God, who is beyond all understanding
and all human reach, seeks to be close to men and
women in their own place.
Pastoral Worker: Donna Moxey 0434 637 355
2nd Reading: Romans 8:14-17
As children of God, St Paul teaches, we are people
intimately involved in the life of the Trinity.
270 Camberwarra Drive
Craigie – WA 6025
Ph : 93072776
Fax: 94024319
Secretaries: Christine, Jenni, Lesley
Office Hours: Mon – Fri 9am –4pm
Email Address: [email protected]
Parish Website: www.olm.myparish.net.au
Reconciliation: Saturdays
12 noon – 1pm
Missioncare: Donna Moxey 0434 637 355
Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20
As the Lord reveals the mystery of God’s love more
clearly, he sends his followers out to share in his mission.
Through Jesus, and in the Spirit, we are never alone, but
always held in God’s power and love.
Antiphon to the Psalm:
Happy the people the Lord has chosen to be his own.
Father you created us, Jesus you redeemed us, Holy Spirit you dwell within us. May our lives bear
witness to our faith in you.
MASS TIMES 1st June – 7th June 2015
Tuesday 2nd June
Wednesday 3rd June
Thursday 4th June
Friday 5th June
Saturday 6th June
Sunday 7th June
St Justin
St Charles Lwanga & Companions
St Boniface
* Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion
Fr Joe writes:
Our temporal future is bound up with the future of our fields, our trees, and our water resources, for on all of these, we
depend for our existence. What happens to our environment eventually happens to us. There is a reason, then, for
us to preserve and care for the milieu in which we live. We need to care for nature because nature nurtures us.
There is another reason to protect the world of nature that is so deeply a part of us. Nature is a gift of God. It speaks
to us about its creator because it reflects his beauty. When we spoil nature, we spoil the reflection of God and distain
his gift.
It is up to us to conserve and protect resources, to use the things of this world wisely, to blend with nature rather than
simply to exploit it. It is up to us to keep our environment clean, to respect it as God’s gift, to make sure that God’s
image in nature is not sullied by the unthinking use of his creation.
Let us pray: “Lord, nature reveals your beauty. If I have had a part in marring that beauty, I ask forgiveness. Inspire
me to use the gifts of nature wisely, and to understand my responsibility for protecting what you have given. Amen.”
Sunday 31st May
1. Valuables in Cars: Please do not leave valuables in your cars while attending the church. Sadly we have had
several incidents over the last month of cars being broken into in the church car parks. If you would like to go on a
roster to patrol the car parks during Mass there are sign-up sheets at the back of the church. Thank you Fr Joe.
2. The Word Among Us: Daily meditations for Catholics. Spend just 10 minutes a day with The Word Among Us,
and you will renew your passion for life. You will learn how to love God, others and yourself much better. It is a good
tool for us to deepen our own devotion, spirituality and faith. It costs only $5 per copy (cost price) and they are limited.
You can get it at the back of our church. Let us embrace God’s Word and listen to Him.
3. Photos from the recent confirmation are now online at http://photowest.fotomerchant.com/categories/events.
Please direct all queries to [email protected]
4. Silver Bracelet: A silver bracelet was found in the car park after the 11am Mass on Sunday 24 th May 2015. If you
think it is yours please contact the office on 9307 2776.
5. Seniors Family Group Luncheon: We welcome new comers, singles and couples so please join our friendly
group for a meal at the London Cafe & Bar, 1244 Marmion Ave, Currambine on Fri 29th May at 12noon. Enq:
Theresa 0407 442 817.
6. Bakers Needed for Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer - we would like to call upon our wonderful Parish Bakers
once again. We need some baking for our Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer on Sunday 7th June for the three morning
Masses. Please ring Lisa 94011441 if you can help. Baked goods can be dropped off Saturday morning or Saturday
evening Mass or Sunday morning. Many Thanks."
7. BIGGEST Morning Tea : Sunday 7th June "Biggest Morning Tea" to support Cancer Council WA, to be held in
the Glory Be Cafe after 8.00am and 9.30am and 11.00am Masses. Morning Tea $5.00 per person. Lisa 9401 1441.
8. Lapathon: Saturday 6th June OLM are hosting a Lapathon to raise funds for the Cancer Council WA. Lapathon
will be run on Whitford Catholic Primary School's Oval from 10.00am. Distance to be covered is 4K. You can register
to enter this event by filling in the attendance sheet at back of Church.
9. Parish Picnic to York: June 1st, seats are all sold. Please join us by coming by car. Contact Jo 9403 2763.
10. Stewardship Ministry meet Wednesday 27 May, 7.30pm in Meeting Room 2.
11. The Bridge: Join us for our first formative session for this year where we discuss how our faith affects us in our
everyday lives. We are meeting in the church hall on the 5th June to look into the role that meditation can play.
Contact Persia on 0424 802 848 for more information.
12. WYD Dinner Dance: Whitfords youth are fundraising for WYD 2016, please support us by buying a ticket and
coming along to Dinner Dance on Saturday 25th July. There will, be a live band and a 3 course buffet. Tickets $65.
Contact Persia on 0424 802 848 for more information.
13. Chillout Sesh: Next Sesh on 12th June 7-9pm in the parish hall. All high school aged teens welcome. Food
provided. Contact Alex 0402912169 for more info.
14. Sunday Sesh: 31st May, 7pm in the hall. Guest speaker, Claire Pike will be talking about St Pope John Paul II
and St Faustina, both patrons of WYD 2016. Fun and games PLUS Praise and Worship AND food included! A free
event! All youth welcome! Contact Collette 0416810388 for more info!
15. Caritas Receipts: Thank you one and all for your donations to Project Compassion 2015. For those parishioners
who requested tax receipts please collect yours from the Information table at the back of the church.
16. Congratulations: to Lothar, Leo and Zelia for their birthday celebration. May the Lord bless them with good
health and many happy returns.
17. Columbarium: The columbarium is just about completed. However, we need funds to pay for the work done and
we are soliciting your help. Examples are gates on each side of the Grotto @ $4000 each; 7 x plaques to have a
Saint's name placed on each wall. Cost @ $220 each; 1000 plastic containers; total cost $3000. The Tree of Life
(tba). Shortly, we’ll be giving out flyers to ask for your kind donation. We are selling "bricks" @ $5 each which says "I
bought a brick for the columbarium". Thank you to the parishioners who have donated 2 marble statues, 2 angel
statues and Simplicity Funerals who made a substantial contribution. Please contact Ray Tan 61883679 (h),
0412698852 if you have any queries.
Stewardship Corner
Today's second reading reminds us that we are the adopted sons and daughters - the heirs - of God. We are good stewards of our
inheritance when we share our faith and fulfil Our Lord's command to "go … and make disciples of all the nations."
See Matthew
Special Thanks: to all the parishioners who came to Fr Renald’s celebration last Friday. The dinner was fantastic,
especially the company. Thanks to the lovely group of people who put in a big effort to oganise that great night.
Big Thanks: to Donna, catechists, staff of both of our Catholic Primary Schools, parents, sponsors and all who have
helped out in any way in supporting the children’s preparation for their confirmation. All the Masses have had gone so
very well. Well done children. Congratulations.
Parish Notices Contd/…
18. Padbury’s Catholic teachers doing community service for the needy in July. We are looking for 10 people young
or old, who could do with some help, i e, shopping, gardening, help somewhere in or around the home. Nomination
will be called later. More info in June.
19. Vincent's Project for the Homeless: A big thank you from Vincent and his family for all the support and
donations of items, money and time that people have provided for his project this year. Children from 9 different
Catholic Schools as well as members of our church community came together on Friday to help put the packs
together for those less fortunate than themselves. The final total was 642 packs, which have been split between
various charities to help those in need. In three years our community has helped 1,191 people. A great achievement.
Kind regards Pina Pettinicchio Northside Bookkeeping Services Phone: 0408 350 332.
20. Entertainment Books; Coming Soon!! Look out for details in the coming weeks or contact Alexander 0402912169
for more information.
General Notices
1. Social Bods: will meet again at 7.30pm on Wed 27 May for a coffee and chat in the Dome Café at Hillarys Boat
Harbour. Come along if you are a social person with nothing else to do that evening. More information from:
[email protected] or call 0424 813 890.
2. Kimberley Catholic Volunteer Service - FINANCE OFFICE POSITION: The Diocese of Broome, WA, requires
volunteers to assist in its important work. The Diocese is currently seeking a Finance Officer with experience in: All
aspects of finance including payables, receivables and payroll. Must be computer literate and have specific skills in
MYOB, Excel and Word and be able to multi-task. The position requires the skills of a senior bookkeeper. Other
positions currently available include Property Manager in Broome and Managers for the Warmun Retreat Centre over
the wet season. Placements are preferred for a period of year. For further details, and an application form, please
Volunteer Coordinator Anneliese: 08 9192 1060.
Email: [email protected]
www.broomediocese.org Mail: PO Box 76, BROOME WA 6725
EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: Wednesday 9.30am – 7pm & Friday 9.30am – 7pm.
BAPTISM: We welcome Jack, Ché, Oliva and Charlie into God’s family this weekend.
DEATH & ANNIVERSARY: All Masses this week will be offered for Conciecoa Da Silva Ferreira, Peg McGeough,
Richard Gordon, Peter Blair, Helen Filov, Bishop Nicholas Huynh Van Nghi, Colin Varian, Fr. Fred Robinson, Vo Thai
Hung, Nguyen Hoang Chuong, Marco Joseph Kin Cheong Lo, Sylvia Anderson, Lavinia Harford, Maria Sulinawati,
Ernie Hannigan and all our departed loved ones” Holy Soul and all those recently deceased and those who have their
anniversary around this time.
PRAY FOR THE SICK: We pray for all those in our parish’s Book of the Sick. You are most welcome to add names
to this book in the foyer of the Church. Please cross out when our prayers are no longer needed.