Euromediterranean Cultures and Tourism (EMCT)

Euromediterranean Cultures and Tourism (EMCT)
“Prof. Cosimo Notarstefano”
DEADLINE: July 30th 2015
The Master aims to provide students with the opportunity to:
1. be acquainted to the management of tourism and culture & heritage activities in the
Mediterranean basin;
2. overcome boundaries and differences;
3. build mutual understanding among Euro-Mediterranean countries;
4. create an academic partnership among higher education and research institutions
by developing specialized study programmes among Euro-Mediterranean
universities and networks;
5. build mutual understanding and partnership among higher education and research
institutions in the Euro-Mediterranean countries.
The mechanism of training the trainers will be adopted and is devoted to postgraduate students, specialists in related disciplines, managers and officers of public
(Ministries, Universities, etc.), private structures and professional associations.
The Master provides a wide didactic offer, with a complete course of 60 ECTS (1.500
hrs) and characterized by the following main subjects: Culture & Languages,
Tourism Law EU Policy, Heritage, ICT Quality Management in Tourism
Communication and International Relations.
Number of candidates to be admitted is: 15 – 25 with a tuition fee of € 3.500,00.
Language: English
The face to face didactic activities (300 hrs) will be implemented at Community of
Mediterranean Universities (CMU) in Bari (Italy).
For further and more detailed information
The Turkish students are eligible to go on their PhD studies.
Undergraduate Education:
Tourism, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, Language Teaching, Foreign Language
and Literature, Translation Studies, Educational Sciences.
Language Score:
YDS: 60/ TOEFL: 100 – 120/ IELTS: 7.5 – 9
In case no satisfactory certification of English proficiency is provided, an online
proficiency test will be administered by the School of Foreign Languages at Ondokuz
Mayis University (OMU). The required language proficiency test score is 60. If the
candidates have got a degree in English, no language test is necessary.
Prof. Graziella Todisco – CMU e-mail:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nalan Kiziltan – OMU (Turkey)