Bed Rest
You are ill and need bed rest. Stay in bed.
Keep your bedroom cool and humid. If you are cold, add covers. If
you are too warm, uncover or take a lukewarm bath. Humid air is helpful.
You may not be hungry. Do drink fluids in greater quantities than
normal. Miso soup, herbal teas, dilute juices, and soups are good. Avoid liquors,
coffee, and other diuretic beverages. Sugary drinks can decrease your immunity as
well. Eat lightly.
Home hydrotherapy is helpful. Make a cup of a diaphoretic tea (a
piece of ginger root boiled in 1 cup of water or yarrow root tea) and drink it just prior
to taking a hot bath. Make the bath as warm as can be tolerated and remain in the
water until you perspire heavily (10 minutes). Dry off well, cover up, and go to bed.
Vitamin C Increase your Vitamin C to
will help increase your body’s immunity.
grams per day. Vitamin C
Milk Products
Avoid milk products. They can cause the body to form more
mucous and increase your head cold symptoms.
Steam Treatments Inhaling steam vapors may decrease your sinus discomfort.
_____________ oil may be added to the steam to treat your sinuses and
decrease nasal congestion.
Nasal Lavage
Rinsing your nasal passages with dilute salt water or a dilute
herbal solution prescribed by your practitioner will help to decrease nasal
Gargle or Poultice A tincture or poultice may be prescribed to help relieve throat
pain, to stimulate your own immune defenses, or to protect against bacterial
Ear drops You have an irritation or infection in your ear canal or your middle ear.
The drops will help with the pain, decrease congestion, and fight the bacterial
Tinctures or Supplements:
Supplements or a tincture will be prescribed to support and stimulate your own
immune system, fight bacterial and viral infections, and decrease congestion and
other symptoms.
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