Mrs. Thomae
Classroom Rules & Procedures
Rules and procedures are fundamental in life. We follow rules and procedures in our daily lives for things
such as approaching a traffic light, starting a car and driving, playing a game, etc. There are rules and
procedures in this classroom. These rules and procedures ensure a positive atmosphere in the classroom.
Procedures for Entering the Classroom
There is a specific way I want you to enter the classroom. I expect you to follow these procedures.
 You are not to stand or wait around in the hallway.
 Upon entering the lab, take your assigned seat. Attendance will be taken immediately.
 Check your work area; report problems immediately.
 Check the projection screen for information on what you need to do.
 Wait for further instructions from the teacher.
If You Are Late
You are late to class if you are not inside the classroom when the bell rings.
 If you are late to class first hour, go directly to the office for a pass.
 If you are late to class any hour but first, go to your assigned seat and join the activity in progress. If
you don’t know what the class is doing, raise your hand until I see you.
 Continue working (waiting) quietly until I get to your desk.
If You Are Absent
It is your responsibility to make up any assignments or tests in a timely manner (next day plus one) when you
return from an absence. Follow this procedure:
 Open the folder entitled “What did I miss – Thomae” on the class directory and check the date you
were absent. This folder contains “lesson plans” for each school day. If you have questions about
the lesson plan, see me before/after school or during the last five minutes of class to find out what
you need to make up. Do not ask me about missing assignments at the beginning of class.
 If you need to make up a test, you must make arrangements with me during the last 5 minutes of
class. Tests can only be made up before/after school or during SAS and only if previous arrangements
have been made.
 If you have access to the Internet at home, you may e-mail me at [email protected] and ask
for missing work.
Turning in Assignments
 I will randomly collect homework, group-work or individual work. Make sure the assignment has
your full name, class name and date. This should be on the top right margin of your paper.
 Each class will have an assignment folder. You are responsible for placing your assignments in the
assignment folder.
Computer Lab Hours
The computer lab is open at 7:15 each morning, during SAS, and after school until 3:15.
Procedure for the End of Class and Class Dismissal
Three minutes before the bell everyone should:
 Return your books to the appropriate book case.
 Clean up your work area.
 Log off your computer - Last hour (7th) will shut down their computer.
 Remain in your seat until the dismissal bell rings.
Computer Lab/Usage Rules
 Follow the directions as shown on the overhead…”Log in”, “Do Not Log In”.
 Report equipment problems immediately
 Limit internet usage to school work only—no music, games, social media, shopping, etc.
o Violation results in loss of computer privileges for the remainder of the period.
 No food or drinks allowed in lab
 Sit in your assigned seat
 Keep work area clean
When You Finish Early
If you finish all of your assigned work early you may: a) read independently; b) work on an assignment for
another class; c) write; d) draw. DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS.
Restroom Policy
Students are expected to use the restroom during the passing period. Do not ask to use the restroom during
Class Preparation
Be prepared for class each day since you will not be allowed to go back to your locker during class. Be sure to
bring with you those items needed for class:
Intro to Business
Game Design
Computer Concepts
Web Page Design
Digital Design
2-pocket folder, pen/pencil, ear buds
2-pocket folder, pen/pencil, ear buds
2-pocket folder, pen/pencil, ear buds
2-pocket folder, pen/pencil, ear buds
2-pocket folder, pen/pencil, ear buds
2-pocket folder, pen/pencil
Classroom Rules
Classroom Rules are posted in the classroom. Let’s quickly review what each rule means.
 Respect the teacher and classmates (You respect the teacher and fellow classmates when you follow
all classroom rules and procedures.
 Follow directions (This means that you do whatever the teacher tells you to do without complaining
or arguing about it. Example: return books, go back to seat, copy from board, stop talking, etc.)
 No swearing, teasing, or name calling (You do not use obscene or vulgar language in the classroom
for any reason. You do not make fun of or tease another classmate.)
 Be in the classroom when the bell rings (This means I want you in your seat as soon as you come into
my classroom and I want you to be on time.)
 Severe: No fighting, threats, or verbal abuse (It is extremely inappropriate for you to fight with
another classmate, threaten anyone, or verbal abuse by insulting.)
Everything we do in life has consequences. This is what will happen if you choose to violate one of the
classroom rules:
 First Time:
 Second time:
10-minute time out away from computer.
 Third time:
Loss of remaining computer time.
 Disciplinary Referral
Any student caught cheating will receive a “0” on that particular assignment, test, quiz, or project. Sharing
YOUR work with another student is also considered cheating.

Classroom Rules & Procedures