Unit 9 Packet

Unit 9 Personality Study guide
p. 554 Using the information from the text on Freud, answer the following questions.
How does free association work?
Describe the unconscious and the role it plays in behavior.
Explain and provide examples of
Describe Freud’s explanation of the development of gender identity.
What is the function of a defense mechanism?
Provide a definition and an example of each of the defense mechanisms listed below.
Reaction formation
Which of Freud’s ideas did the following psychologists accept and or reject. What new concepts did
each contribute?
Alfred Adler
Karen Horney
Carl Jung
p. 559 What are projective tests and how are they used?
Explain how recent research has contradicted some of Freud’s ideas.
Is repression a myth? Explain
Compare the two track mind with Freud’s theory of the unconscious.
p. 564 Describe the scientific shortcomings of Freud’s work. Should Freud be dismissed as not
important in modern psychology? Explain
What was the reason for the creation of humanistic psychology? What are the basic principles behind
According to Maslow, why do people strive for self actualization?
Describe Rogers unconditional positive regard theory.
p. 567 How do psychologists use traits to describe personality?
What practical uses are there for identifying a persons overall traits?
What is factor analysis?
Describe the MMPI including its strengths and weaknesses.
Why do you think the big five is called today’s common currency for personality psychology?
Does research support the consistency of personality traits over time and across situations? EXPLAIN
What is the person situation controversy? Provide an original example from your own experience.
Explain Bandura’s concept of reciprocal determinism. Provide an example
Describe internal vs. external locus of control.
How can self control improve other areas of your life?
What factors contribute to the concept of learned helplessness? Have you experienced this yourself?
How does optimism affect health?
What are the effects when people are excessively optimistic?
p. 584 What has the social cognitive perspective contributed to the study of personality and what
criticisms has it faced?
What are the benefits of self-esteem?
Describe the concept of self serving bias. Give an example of when this has applied in your life.