A little
Give the correct order of Freud’s
psychosexual stages.
Oral, anal, phallic, latent, genital
According to Freud, the ego is guided by
which principle?
Reality principle
pleasure principle
When a child imitates her mother’s actions and
mannerisms, Freud would say that
it is the child’s way of resolving anxiety
caused by what complex?
A boy plays exclusively with other boys at his
school. Which stage of psychosexual
development is he in?
In Freud’s theory, which component of
personality is present at birth and completely
The id
Memories that can be brought to conscious
awareness even if someone is not thinking about
them are stored at what level of awareness?
If a parent overindulges or frustrates a child at a
particular stage of development, the child may
experience what?
Shame and guilt are a product of which part of
your personality?
Super ego
Which part of the personality is the rational,
organized component that is sensitive to the
demands of the external world?
The ego
An unintentional
mistake, accident or
misstatement that is
interpreted as revealing
unconscious wishes or
Freudian slip
Not being able to remember attending your own
mother’s funeral would be an example of which
defense mechanism?
Behaving in a way that is the extreme opposite
of unacceptable urges or impulses.
Reaction formation
You stay calm during a conversation with your
parents even though you are angry about what
they are saying. Later you snap at one of your
friends. What defense mechanism?
You make hateful comments about someone
behind his back. Later you offer to buy him
lunch. What defense mechanism?
A husband is attracted to a co-worker but
accuses his wife of having an affair. What
defense mechanism?
If someone is constantly bragging about his
accomplishments, abilities and skills even
though he is incompetent of many tasks, Adler
would say he has developed a_____
Superiority complex
Jung believed that feminine and masculine
qualities are represented in which archetypes?
Anima and animus
Womb envy is to _________
as penis envy is to _________
Horney: Freud
According to Jung, the part of the unconscious
that reflects human evolutionary history and is
common to all people.
Collective unconscious
According to Karen Horney, people who move
“against” other people have a great desire for
Power and feelings of superiority
Two psychologists who made important
contributions to humanistic perspective of
personality development.
Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow
According to Rogers, when a child senses that he
is loved and valued only when he behaves in a
certain way, he is receiving________.
Conditional positive regard
What term did Carl Rogers use to describe a
psychologically healthy person who does not
deny or distort thoughts and has a flexible selfconcept?
Fully functioning person
The term that refers to a condition in which a
person’s emotions and experiences are
consistent with his sense of self.
Your subjective belief about your ability to meet
the demands of a particular situation.
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