Journal Entry Format

Journal Entry Format
 Each journal entry must be properly documented with the partner country, the
date, and topic of discussion.
 The journal is to be brought to class each period for spot inspections and use in
 Journal entries will be used to write papers and prepare for the final examination
 All journal entries are confidential and will not be shared.
Specifics of Journal Entry
 A typical entry should be about one page but not more than two pages in length
 Each entry shall have a heading printed neatly in large letters:
o Partner institution, discussion topic of the day, and date
Partner Country_____
Partner #____
Lecture or Interaction
Whole thoughts are necessary but not whole sentences
First section of entry is brief summary of newspaper topic discussion
Second section of entry shall reflect the day’s discussion in both group and
individual chat
o Very brief highlights of discussion of the day
o Surprising comments or attitudes of classmates & partners at both
o Thoughts on the day’s discussions
o Questions to ponder
At the end of our link with each culture, include an entry of your reflection of
that culture.
Questions to ask yourself:
What do you really like about this culture?
What really bugs you about this culture?
How do you like the people in this culture?
What are their biggest differences from us?
What can we learn from them?
What can they learn from us?
What differences are just too great to bridge?
Would you like to spend a year there, living among the people?
Would you consider marrying a person from this culture? Why?