Software Engineer

Software Engineer
Job Reference:
LM People Job Code/Title:
Programme / Functional Group:
E1072I / Software Engineer
MST IS - Postal - Multiple
Description of Business Environment:
The job entails working in the Systems Solutions programme on a growing portfolio of
programmes in the UK and Europe for a range of commercial customers, primarily focused
on providing systems to Postal Authorities. The Systems Solutions Business Area is
entering a major growth phase as Customers invest in exciting high technology Enterprise
Specific Job Description:
Reporting to the Systems Solutions Software Engineering Manager, and under general
direction of the Engineering Leadership Team, the role provides support to internal
programmes and for operational systems used by Systems Solutions customers.
Under the direction of the Team Lead:
 Contribute to team success supporting systems, software and infrastructure
engineers to design high level architectures for enhancements to operational
 Support to implementation teams through the development, testing, and system
acceptance phases of enhancements to the operational system.
 Support to Integration during software deployment phases.
 Support technical investigations of problems raised against the operational
 Work with senior engineers in discussions with customers during requirements
analysis, converting operational needs into technical requirements specifications.
Tasks will relate to:
 Oracle database design and development.
 PL/SQL programming.
 Support of Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g.
The candidate will be exposed to several disciplines (Human Factors, Systems and
Software Engineering).
Required Skills:
 Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, or relevant subject to the
Oracle / SQL Databases
A keen interest in technology with a willingness to learn.
Good communication skills.
Ability to work well in a team environment.
Good IT skills in a range of SW packages.
Ability to prioritise own tasking to meet programme needs.
Basic understanding of Linux and Windows Servers.
UNIX scripting / Perl
Desired Skills:
 Experience of working within a customer service environment.
 Experience with any of the following technologies:
o Windows
o Server and Workstation Hardware
o Storage Area and Network Storage Technologies
o Networking
The Job Description and duties included within it are only a summary of the typical
functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job
responsibilities, tasks, and duties. Responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the jobholder
might differ from those outlined in the JD and other duties, as assigned by the manager,
may form part of the role.
Standard Job Description:
Plans, conducts, and coordinates software development activities. Designs, develops,
documents, tests, and debugs software that contains logical and mathematical solutions to
business/mission problems or questions in computer language for solutions by means of
data processing equipment. Applies the appropriate standards, processes, procedures,
and tools throughout the development life cycle. Applies knowledge of computer hardware
and software, subject matter to be programmed in business/mission applications,
information processing techniques used, and information gathered from system users to
develop software. Corrects program errors, prepares operating instructions, compiles
documentation of program development, and analyzes system capabilities to resolve
questions of program intent, output requirements, input data acquisition, programming
techniques, and controls. Ensures software standards are met.
Typical Minimum Education & Experience:
Ideally require a Bachelors degree from an accredited college and capability typically
achieved through proven professional experience. Will also consider individuals with
equivalent experience / combined education.
Considered experienced, but still a learner.
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