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Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

Location: Douglas County Public Service Building, E. Wenatchee

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2014

Time: 1 p.m.

The meeting of the Douglas County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) was called to order by Chairman Russell Clark. The agenda was unanimously approved. The Meeting

Summary from the November 7, 2013 SWAC meeting was unanimously approved.

Russell Clark presented Chris Mingo with a certificate of appreciation for his years of service on the SWAC. Chris resigned from SWAC because of increased business activities.


Will Carpenter, new Pest Agent with the Chelan-Douglas Pest Control Board and new Chair of the Ag TAC, recommended that SWAC approve the White Paper on Waste Management’s request to import sorted cullet recyclable glass into the Greater Wenatchee Regional Landfill

(GWRLF). This glass will be used for fill in some horizontal gas wells in place of rock at the

GWRLF or used as daily cover and/or ultimately buried. Commissioner Snyder stated that the

Commissioners would like to see the policies and procedures for approving Waste Management requests to import materials into the GWRLF streamlined. David Prosch moved to approve the

White Paper and Aaron Kelly seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

There was also some discussion about collecting recyclable glass at the Community Recycling

Centers. Dave Lowe from the GWRLF stated that if the centers collect glass and grind it the landfill would take the ground glass at no charge. Angela King, Countywide Solid Waste

Coordinator, will look into obtaining a glass grinder to possibly be placed at the Processing

Center at Zacher Pit.


Aaron Kelly from Waste Management reported that there are no changes to the Yard Waste

Collection Area Boundary.


David Prosch, Chelan-Douglas Health District, presented the 4th quarter Solid Waste Report.

He reported that they are seeing more rats in the last few years in Wenatchee, Cashmere and

E. Wenatchee which could pose a threat to public health. He asked the other jurisdictions to report to the Health District if they see an increase in the rat population in their area.


Eileen Bone, Chair of the Waste Reduction & Recycling TAC moved that the SWAC approve the 2014 Designated Recyclables List, the 2014 Designated Recyclables Vendor List and the

2014 Recyclables Commodity Price List. Dale Snyder seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.


Angela King, CWSW Coordinator, reported that with Chris Mingo leaving SWAC needed to elect a new Vice-Chair as well as a new Chair. Dale Snyder moved that Aaron Kelly be elected Vice-

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Chair and that Russell Clark remain as the SWAC chair for the duration of 2014. Russell Clark seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Angela reported that the terms of the chairs of the Waste Industry and Organic TACs are up.

Royal DeVaney moved and Chris Mingo seconded a motion to re-appoint Aaron Kelly to the

Waste Industry TAC and David Ruud to the Organics TAC. The motion was unanimously approved.

SWAC was presented with the 2014 Capital Improvement Plan and the Program Goals and

Objectives. Angela asked if SWAC wanted to add Chelan County’s Moderate Risk Waste facility (MRW) to the Plan per Brenda Blanchfield’s request and they said no, they would not consider doing anything like this until their facility was built. Royal DeVaney moved and Chris

Mingo seconded the motion to approve both of these documents. The motion was unanimously passed.

Angela reported that the CWSW office lease ended in December and that staff will be moving from their current location into 3 cubicles located in the Transportation Land Services part of the

Douglas County Public Services Building within the next few weeks. She reported that although there is no new lease yet, the savings on the rental costs should be significant because CWSW is downsizing from 780 sq.ft into 255 sq.ft. Dale Snyder reported that she should have the new lease on Monday. Dale Snyder moved that Angela King be authorized to sign the new lease.

Royal DeVaney seconded and the motion was unanimously passed. A copy of the new lease will be sent to SWAC members.

Angela reported on the DOE regulations regarding the purchase of capital equipment of $5000 or more using Coordinated Prevention Grants. CWSW staff recently discovered that the purchase of capital equipment is not within the scope of the new grant agreement. In order for the jurisdictions to purchase new balers, forklifts or other capital equipment, a written letter from

CWSW requesting permission to purchase this equipment must be submitted to the DOE prior to the purchase. The DOE has to approve the purchase in writing before the purchase can be made. The CWSW office received permission from the DOE for Rock Island to purchase a new forklift and for Bridgeport to purchase an additional baler.

Angela requested SWAC approval to prepare a Coordinated Prevention Grant (CPG) Offset

Cycle grant application to help pay for revisions to the Douglas County Solid Waste

Management Plan (SWMP) and possibly for additional Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) funds. There was some discussion about HHW funds for Douglas County participation in the

Chelan County Moderate Risk Waste Facility. The consensus was that Chelan County could present SWAC with a proposal when their new facility was completed and in operation. Russell

Clark moved and Royal DeVaney seconded the motion to approve CWSW applying for CPG funds to revise the SWMP, but not for HHW funds.

Angela presented the quarterly/annual financial report and the 2013 budget reconciliation report as well as the quarterly/annual program reports. She noted that the total recyclables collected in 2013 by the community recycle centers improved a little over the previous year


Rock Island: Mayor Clark reported that the city will be purchasing a new forklift for the recycling center; there is also a need for more bins as well as more volunteers.

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Douglas County: Commissioner Snyder reported the fencing around the new Douglas County

Processing Center at Zacher Pit has been completed.

Bridgeport: Mayor Lynn reported that long time recycling center volunteer Sherilyn Jacobsen is moving out the area and they are looking for her replacement. The recycling center is now open

Thursdays from 10am to 2p.m. in addition to their regularly scheduled days.

Waterville: Mayor DeVaney reported that their recycling center needs new plastic bins.

E. Wenatchee: no report.



For the Good of the Order: the next SWAC meeting is Thursday, May 1 st at 1p.m.

Royal DeVaney moved to adjourn the meeting. Dale Snyder seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 1:55pm


SWAC Members:

1. Dale Snyder

2. Russell Clark

3. Royal DeVaney

4. Frank Collings

5. Marilynn Lynn

6. David Prosch

7. Aaron Kelly

8. Chris Mingo

9. Eileen Bone

10. David Ruud

11. Will Carpenter

12. Trent Hurlbut


1. Angela King

2. LaVonne Ramey


1) David Lowe

2) Steve Donithan

Douglas County

City of Rock Island

Town of Waterville

City of East Wenatchee

City of Bridgeport

Public Health and Safety

Waste Industry

Business & Industry

Waste Reduction & Recycling



Department of Ecology

CWSW Program Coordinator

CWSW Program Office Assistant

Greater Wenatchee Regional Landfill

Operations Manager, Michelsen Packaging

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