Ashland High School 2015
Grizz Tennis
Serving stronger,
Making the easy volley,
Coach ”Rafael” Streng
Always Ready To Play!
Team Rules:
Respect yourself, your teammates, and your opponents.
All for one and one for all--we compete as a team.
All players need to stay until the last match is completed on game day.
Practices at Hunter Park unless otherwise stated by Coach Streng.
Practice Schedule --- White days at 3:30—(unless you are meeting with academic support teachers
or catching up on assignments) otherwise be at the courts by 3:55 Red days 3:55
All players must attend practice the day before a match to play.
No snacks or cell phones or electronics on the courts.
Grizz tennis players do not use profanity or verbally abuse anyone.
Make sure that your academic performance keeps you eligible.
Be sure you read and are familiar with the AHS Code of Conduct for athletes.
Consequences for violating team rules—removal from practice and not able to play in the next
match or dismissal from team.
Contact Coach Streng….541-482-0621 or [email protected] or 541-482-1611 ext,
Criteria for Making Varsity---only 14 plus or minus one players-All players must try out to make the varsity squad. Just because you were on the team last
year does not necessarily mean you are on the varsity this year.
There are many factors that I consider when evaluating players for the varsity. Some of
these are the following: stroke production, experience and knowledge of the game, development of
your game, coachable, athleticism, commitment to tennis, and performance under
pressure.(playing games that keep score to earn you points for a ranking). Plus you have to attend
try outs and show you are committed to playing matches, tournaments, and being at practices.
March 2nd is the first day for try outs.
In addition to performing your best on the courts, I expect good sportsmanship during
practices, matches, tournaments, and travel. Respecting the game by displaying good
sportsmanship, that’s the Grizzly way.
Earning a Varsity Letter
Always be ready to play, win three matches, and attend every practice.
Academics and Eligibility
Please see the AHS Athletic guidelines for more specifics. No “F” in any class is acceptable.
You must meet with the “Homework Police” if you are academically in trouble. Not meeting with
them will cause you to become ineligible.
Coach’s Expectations
I expect all players to be prepared for practice and on time. I expect that you to want to be at
practice and improve your game (skills, knowledge, and tactics) every day. If a player attends
school, I expect you at practice.. If you have an appointment that conflicts with practice call or
email me. I am not a fan of having someone else tell me. Notify me at the following numbers: 4821611 ext. 3188 or 482-0621. [email protected]
Playing Time/Position
Your performance influences your playing time.
When competing with other schools at the varsity level, only twelve players participate. (4
singles and 4 doubles).
Doubles teams will be composed of players who complement one another so that their
skills produce a strong team.
Singles play will be first established by a challenge ladder, a doubles ladder will be formed
at the same time and explained to team members at the appropriate time.
In order to become more competitive or tournament tough. There will be a challenge ladder
set by coach during first week of practice. Challenge matches in both singles and doubles will be
arranged to determine player ranking and order of play.
Time to Talk
During practices, team members will have regular conferences/talks regarding their
performance and development. Strengths/weaknesses/suggestions/concerns/goals are all topics
that are addressed during player/coach talks.
Parents, I prefer to talk with you after practice is completed, or if that is not possible, we
can arrange to set up a meeting or talk via phone.
Dress Code
At practice, tennis gear, water bottle, shoes, shorts, warm ups are appropriate.
Match Day attire--- White tennis shorts with pockets and team shirt. Team warm ups also.
All players are responsible for their warm ups. If you lose your warm up, the cost to replace
the warm ups is: Jackets $50, Pants $50.
Finishing the Point,
Coach Streng