Moses Middle School
Sixth Grade Math Syllabus ● 2015-2016
Sixth Grade Mastery Plan:
6th Grade Math Teachers:
Mrs. Karen McQueen: [email protected]
Mr. Victor Holmes: [email protected]
Mr. Nick Stephens: [email protected]
Course Title: 6th grade Mathematics
This year students will be solving problems independently as well as collaboratively with their peers throughout the
seven units of study.
Unit 1: Number System Fluency
Unit 2: Rate, Ratio, and Proportional Reasoning Using Equivalent Fractions
Unit 3: Expressions
Unit 4: One-Step Equations and Inequalities
Unit 5: Area and Volume
Unit 6: Statistics
Unit 7: Rational Explorations (Numbers and Their Opposites)
Brief Course Objective:
The overall goal of the Georgia Standards of Excellence for
Mathematics is to focus on four critical areas:
(1) Connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication
and division and using concepts of ratio and rate to solve
(2) Completing understanding of division of fractions and
extending the notion of number to the system of rational
numbers, which includes negative numbers.
(3) Writing, interpreting, and using expressions and
(4) Developing understanding of statistical thinking.
(5) Developing understanding of and applying proportional
(6) Developing understanding of operations with rational
numbers and working with expressions and linear equations
Paulding County School District
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Middle School”, and then click on “Our
Staff,” and then click “Staff Websites”.
Finally, look for Mrs. McQueen, Mr.
Holmes, or Mr. Stephens
Grading Weights
& Descriptions:
Summative Assessments are major
culminating tasks such as projects,
research, essays, labs, portfolio, tests,
Formative 40%
Summative 60%
Formative Assessments are
samples of students work before,
during, and after instruction that
identify needs and help provide
continuous feedback to students
which can include journal writing,
projects, hands-on activities,
quizzes, homework, etc.
Infinite Campus Portal Login:
Gives parents/guardians ability to view
grades, attendance, and other student
information. Link located on PCSD
User: Student ID (5-digit)
Password: Student birth date
Moses Middle School
Grading Policies:
 Homework - Students shall expect homework; the frequency will vary. Homework grades will be
weighted based upon type of assignment and teacher discretion.
 Due dates of all assignments will be posted electronically as well as provided to students. All
assignments are expected to be completed in full and on time. Students will be permitted only ONE
make up assignment per quarter (exceptions are absences, illness, or family emergencies) and must
be accompanied by a note from parent/guardian. Students who fail to meet this requirement will have
their efforts accurately reflected in their grades.
 Work Period Quizzes – weekly quizzes (normally on Friday) given based on the tasks completed in
 Students will be expected to complete written mathematical reflections on a regular basis. This is a
standard and will be assessed.
 Students will be provided opportunities to achieve mastery of all 6th grade math standards
* Weekly communication will be sent to the e-mail address listed in Infinite Campus.
**The above syllabus is subject to change. Classes will be notified when changes are made in the syllabus**
Academic Honesty:
Plagiarism (copying) is never tolerated. Students need to complete their own work at all times.
Please complete the following information, and return to your teacher.
**A copy of this syllabus will be posted on our website for your reference.
*It takes the student, parents/guardians, and the teacher all working together to master the
standards.* If you have any questions throughout this school year, please do not hesitate to contact
me. I look forward to working with your child and having a fantastic sixth grade school year! 
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