An introduction to learning technologies

An introduction to learning
Learning outcomes
By the end of this session you will be able to:
• recognise the advantages and disadvantages
of using learning technologies in the classroom
• recognise issues when integrating learning
technologies into a lesson or course/syllabus
• produce a checklist of questions to ask when
planning lessons with learning technologies
What are learning
Computer aided language learning (CALL) software
Office applications (Word, PowerPoint etc)
The Internet
CD-ROMs that come with course books
Interactive whiteboards
DVD players
Mobile phones
Basically, anything electronic that can help
someone learn
… in lessons
… in schools
• syllabus integration
• lesson planning
activity types –
computer-work, precomputer work and
post-computer work
• cost
• modes of access
• availability of
resources and
• teacher training (IT
skills and pedagogic
The key
At the lesson level:
Pedagogy leads technology
Questions to ask
What are the learners getting out
of the activity?
effort worth it the is?
Is it worth the effort?