University Rector met the physics program's

University President met the physics program's
academic accreditation team
Kuwait University president professor Dr. Abdullah Al-Fuhaid met the academic
accreditation team delegated by the Australian Institute of Physics. The team included
professor David Booth, professor Roberts Lous and professor Peter Jonston ,visited
U.K last week.
The purpose of the visit is to conduct the assessment related to renewing the academic
accreditation which was given five years ago to the physics program. During the
meeting, the two parties discussed the importance of the academic accreditation as a
way to ensure the educational quality of the programs and reach the international
standards. Members of the team highlighted the importance of granting the academic
accreditation by well known, international and authorized bodies. It is worth
mentioning that the academic accreditation was granted for the first time to the
engineering physics program.
The accreditation team expressed its content with the standards achieved by the
physics department by upgrading its programs and developing its laboratory