DAKKS Deutsche Akkred¡t¡eru ngsstelle bH

Akkred itie ru ngsstelle
Deutsche Akkred¡t¡eru ngsstelle
Entrusted according to Section I subsectionl AkkstelleG in connection with Section 1
subsection 1 AkkStelleGBV
Signatory to the Multilateral Agreements of
EA, ILAC and IAF for Mutual Recognition
The Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH attests that the
Siemens AG
Materialprüflabor Nürnberg (E T TR qM)
Katzwangerstraße 150, 90461 Nürnberg
is competent under the terms of DIN EN ISO/IEC L7025:20O5 to carry out tests in the
following fields:
determination of material properties of insulating liquids especially transformer oil and
magnetic properties of electrical sheet for use in transformers
The accreditation certificate shallonly apply in connection with the notice of accreditation of 27.02.2012
with the accreditation number D-PL-11055-12 and is valid until 26.02.2017.lt comprises the cover sheet,
the reverse side of the cover sheet and the following annex with a total of 2 pages.
Registration number of the certificate: D-PL-11055-12-00
Head of Division
This document ¡s a translat¡on. The definitive version is the origirral German accreditation cert¡ficate.
see notes overleaf