Algebra 1 - Haiku Learning

Laguna Beach High School
SYLLABUS: Algebra 1
SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016
Mrs. Rood
949-497-7750 x 1383
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Course Description:
Common Core Algebra 1 contains topics in the areas of: 1) Relationships Between Quantities & Reasoning with
Equations, 2)Linear & Exponential Relationships, 3)Descriptive Statistics, 4)Expressions & Equations, and
5)Quadratic Functions & Modeling
Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice:
1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning
of others.
4. Model with mathematics.
Use appropriate tools strategically.
Attend to precision.
Look for and make use of structure.
Look for and express regularity in repeated
Classroom Expectations and Policies:
Classroom Expectations: 1) be engaged in learning, 2) be respectful, 3)follow all school guidelines.
Consequences: 1) verbal warning &/or seat change 2) stay after class for conversation with teacher 3) email or
phone call to parent 4) detention, referral to assistant principle, parent/student/teacher conference
Problem Solving: Ask a friend; use text or online resources; attend Math Lab or SDL for extra help; think mathematically
Resilience: Try your best; give 100% effort, even after setbacks; persevere through difficult math problems
Integrity: Do not cheat; do the right thing, even when nobody is watching
Dependability: Be present; be on time; do your assignments; contribute to your group
Engagement: Participate fully at all times; put away all distractions such as cell phones, iPods, and food
Homework (10%):
Homework is assigned each day and will be collected the
following day at the beginning of class. Students will receive
two “late homework passes”, in which they may attach a
completed late homework assignment for full credit.
Otherwise, no credit will be given for late homework.
Homework credit is awarded for satisfactory effort and
completion. Students are expected to check the odd answers
in the back of the book. For homework help and worked out
solutions to the odd problems, go to,
choose your textbook, and enter password de28868de.
Another useful site is (Enter Web-Code BAE0775 for video tutorials).
Weekly Quizzes (20%):
Each week ends with a 4-question, open notes quiz. The purpose of these quizzes is to monitor student learning
on a weekly basis. Graded quizzes are returned on Mondays. If a student misses a quiz due to an excused absence,
the following quiz score will count in place of that missing quiz. Students must keep all graded quizzes in their
binders to use as ongoing study tools throughout the year.
Team Tests (5%):
The Team Test is a practice test that students are allowed to work on in groups. The Team Test will be given at
least two days before the Individual Test. The Team Test will be returned the next day, and solutions will be
worked out and discussed in class. This is a GREAT review opportunity for students to ensure ample preparation
for the test. If a student misses a Team Test due to an excused absence, their Individual Test score will count in
place of that score (The student will still receive a blank copy of the Team Test to use as a study tool.)
Individual Tests (45%):
Individual tests (no notes allowed) are given approximately every 3-4 weeks. There are no test retakes allowed. If
a student achieves a higher grade on their Individual Test than on their Team Test, the Team Test score will be
raised to match that of the Individual Test.
P.R.I.D.E. (5%):
This portion of the grade is comprised of graded problem solving tasks, warm ups, and participation score rubrics
(see rubric posted on class website). The participation score rubric is based on student performance in the areas
of: class rules, attendance, class work, behavior, and independent productivity.
Final Exam (15%): The final exam is comprised of a multiple choie portion and a short answer portion. Topics
from the entire semester may appear on the Final Exam.
Make-Up Work Policy:
Students are allowed one day per day of excused absence to make up missed class work and homework. In the
case of an excused absence on a test day, students are expected to take the test on the day of return to school. If a
student misses the day before the test, he or she is still required to take the test along with the rest of the class.
Students receive four hall passes at the beginning of the semester. Unused hall passes may be turned in at the end
of the semester as extra credit equivalent to one missing homework assignment each. Students will receive their
hall passes in exchange for this signed syllabus.
Suggested Supplies Needed:
 3-ring binder (may share with another class)
 Lined and graph paper
 Pencils and eraser
 Handheld pencil sharpener (with case to catch pencil shavings), OR pencil lead for mechanical pencils
 2 Dry Erase Markers (for individual student use during white board drills in class)
 Scientific Calculator (TI-30XS Multi-View) or Graphing Calculator (TI-84).
NOTE: Recommended supplies or donations are not required, but are provided to guide parent that wish to assist in the back-to-school
preparation. LBUSD appreciates any generous assistance with recommended supplies or donations, especially in times of state budget cut
backs. The school will ensure that supplies will be provided to ensure that all students have the recommended classroom supplies. Donations are
voluntary and all students will be allowed to participate regardless of whether a supply or donation is made.
Please sign and return this sheet indicating that you have read and understood the course
information. Please visit my Haiku page for online access to homework assignments, upcoming
test/quiz information, important course documents, and contact info.
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