Book Projects Edgington/Vanoy
*** Please note that Option #6 of a basic book
report is not an option this 2nd nine weeks. The
majority of students chose this project last time
and I want to encourage you to try something
1. Awards-Create an award for each of the main characters based on their actions
in the novel. One might be awarded “most courageous” for fighting peer pressure,
another might be awarded “wisest” for the guidance he or she gave other
characters. For each award, write a paragraph that explains why this character
deserves this award.
2. Word Collage-Write the title of the book in the center of a sheet of paper.
Then look through magazines for words, phrases, and sentences that illustrate or
tell something about your book. As you look, think in terms of the theme, setting,
plotline, as well as characters. Work to get fifty (50) such words, phrases, or
sentences so the whole sheet of paper will be covered. The visual impact of the
collage should tell a potential reader a lot about the book. On the back of your
collage, choose five (5) words that you placed on the front and write a paragraph
for each, explaining its significance to the book.
3. Scrap Book-Think about all the kinds of mementos you would put in a scrap book
if you had one. Then create a scrap book for your character, cutting out pictures
from magazines or drawing the mementos he or she would have in a scrap book.
Remember, scrap books do include writing (notes about the mementos, journal
entries, etc.)
4. CD Collection-Design a CD collection for a character you know well, being sure
that the collection includes music that expresses as many aspects of the character
as you are aware of. You must include at least 5 CD’s, with a paragraph describing
why the character would own that CD.
5. Advertisements-Create 3 advertisement posters for products or services that
one of the main characters of your book would be interested in. Each
advertisement must be on a separate piece of paper (no bigger than 11x17 inches
please), colorful, creative, and neat. Computer-generated graphics are acceptable.
On the back of each advertisement, you must include a paragraph explaining why
your chosen character would be interested in that product/service.
7. Facebook-Type Web Page-You are creating a social network type page that is in
NO WAY connected to the internet. You will not be creating an actual page on the
internet. You are to make a webpage on a PowerPoint slide, Word document or a
piece of poster board, etc. The idea is for it to LOOK like a page from a site such
as Facebook. Make sure to include the title, author and your name. (SEE ME FOR
8. Interview a Character from the book (1 page)- Possible questions to ask a
character include: 1) Can you justify your actions when you decided to…? 2) Do you
agree with the choices that…made when he/she…? 3) What is your opinion of…? 4)
Can you predict what would happen if…?
9. Character Obituary (1 page)-You will write an obituary for a character, idea, or a
dream of a character that has died. You are encouraged to use a real newspaper
obituary as a guide as well as information from the novel.
10. Write a newspaper article (1 page)-Write up to three newspaper articles about
events that happen in the novel. Be sure to emphasize the fact that who, what,
when, where, why and how answers must be included.
*Books need to be at least 75 pages (100 if you want to use for Ms. Dotson)
*Four books total (one per nine weeks) NOTE: Do not wait until the day
before the ending of the nine weeks to complete projects!!!
*Presentations for each project are included in the assessment. Presentations
should be no longer than five minutes. You will not receive all 100 points if
there is no presentation.

Book Projects Edgington/Vanoy *** Please note that Option #6 of a