Scrap Sale – Request for Proposal SZ04/08/2014

Scrap Sale – Request for Proposal
Namzinc and Skorpion Mining Company is inviting competitive proposals from scrap metal
salvage contractors to purchase scrap metal which Skorpion Mine has acquired as part of its
waste management/recycling program. The primary types of scrap are shown below.
Heavy Steel
Light Steel
Stainless Steel
Aluminum Shavings
Electric Motors
Historically, Skorpion Zinc is generating close to 100 MT of scrap metal per year and currently
the amount of scrap is estimated to be 200 – 250 MT. This estimate however is not guaranteed
and may vary.
Terms and Conditions:
All Scrap Sales will be sold on a Ex Works Basis
Value Added Tax will be charged on all Scrap Sales
A Safe Disposal Certificate need to be presented before any Batteries can be loaded
Closing Date of Submissions 29th August 2014, at 14h00
All submission needs to be send to the following E-Mail address: