Historical Fiction Book Report HELPER

A Historical Fiction novel tells a story which takes place during a real
historical event, however the characters are created by the author's
Examples: Gathering of Days, Across Five Aprils, Great Gatsby
- Read a Historical Fiction novel
- Write a report on the book.
- Create a visual aid that represents the book or a part of it.
- Present it to the class.
Guidelines for the report:
- Minimum of 4 paragraphs
- Paragraph 1
- Basic summary of the book, including why the book was chosen
- Paragraph 2
- Explain why the book is considered historical fiction with at
least 2 historical examples from the book.
- Paragraph 3
- Write about 2-3 of the characters in the book. Explain why they are
important to the story or what makes them special.
(This can be done in separate paragraphs for each character
or as one large paragraph).
- Paragraph 4
- Positives and negatives of the book.
(example: What did the author do well? What could the author have done better?
Which parts did you like/dislike? Reasons for your thoughts
are expected to be written as well)
- Handwritten or typed is fine. Neatness is expected.