Ancient Greek Art Notes
Read Discovering Art History pages 178-189
Periods of Ancient Greek Art History
Ancient Greek Time Periods
Archaic Art - 600-480 BCE
Classical Art – 480-323 BCE
Hellenistic Art - 320-30 BCE
3 Art forms: Sculpture, Architecture and
Painting (on ceramics)
Sculpture Innovations
Fearless nudity
Ambitious stone-carving
Believable articulation and motion
Ancient Greek SCUPLTURE
Greek Sculpture Vocabulary
Articulation Contrapposto Kouros Kore –
• Kouros, 600 BCE, marble,
Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York p180
Archaic Sculpture
• Peplos Kore, 530 BCE, marble,
Acropolis Museum, Athens,
Greece. p173
• Zeus or Poseidon Artemision,
460 BCE, bronze, National
Museum of Archeology, Athens,
Classical Sculpture
• Myron, The Discus Thrower,
450 BCE, marble (from bronze),
National Roman Museum,
Rome, Italy.
• Dying Gaul, from Pergamon,
230-220 BCE, marble (from
bronze), Capitoline Museum,
Rome, Italy. p182
Hellenistic Sculpture
• Nike of Samothrace, 190 BCE,
marble, Louvre, Paris, France.
• Three Goddesses, from the
Parthenon (Elgin Marbles), 438432 BCE, marble, British
Museum, London, England.
p178, 181
• Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of
Melos), 150-125 BCE, marble,
Louvre, Paris, France.
Greek Architecture Vocabulary
Acropolis Architrave Capital Caryatid Cella Cornice Entablature Frieze Pediment Shaft Orders of Columns (see order, page 611) -
Architecture Innovations:
• Expansion of post (pillar) and lintel construction
• Trusses over wide open spaces
Ancient Greek Architecture to Know
• Iktinos and Kallikrates, The
• The Erechtheion, (Porch of the • Polykleitos, Theater, 350 BCE,
Parthenon, 447-438 BCE,
Maidens), 421-405, BCE,
Epidauros, Greece. p187
Acropolis, Athens Greece. p174, Acropolis, Athens Greece. p186
Ancient Greek POTTERY and PAINTING
Characteristics of Greek Pottery
Form followed function
Separate potter and painter
Horizontal “registers”
Descriptive perspective
Abstract and Imitational designs
Styles of Greek Pottery
Archaic Period - black figure
Classical Period - red figure
Hellenistic Period - dynamic movement
Greek Pottery Vocabulary
Amphora Black Figure Hydria
Red Figure –
• Exekias, Ajax and Achilles
Playing Dice, 540-530 BCE,
ceramic,Vatican Museums,
Rome, Italy.
Greek Pottery to Know
• Epiktetos (painter) and
Pamphaios (potter) Red-Figure
Eye-Cup, ca. 520-510 B.C.
Earthenware with slip
decoration, Allen Memorial Art
Museum, Oberlin
•The Atalanta Lekythos
(Funerary Oil Jug), attributed to
Douris, 500-490 BC, slip painted
earthenware, Cleveland Museum
of Art.