Chapter 1 Notes/Maps/Visuals

Early Areas of Human Occupation and Migration
The Iceman
4000 BCE
How does this picture
portray the
environment in which
he lived?
The technology he
His way of life?
Early Centers of Plant and Animal Domestication
Passage-Tomb at
Newgrange, Ireland
3200 BCE
What does this structure
indicate about the
religious beliefs,
community structure
about NewGrange?
Neolithic Goddess
at Catal Huyuk
6000 BCE
What does this
figure represent?
How can it be
linked to the power
structure and belief
systems of the
Mesopotamia: The First Civilization on Earth
Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal
2350 BCE
What does this seal depict? How and why was the seal used?
Ziggurat of Ur-Nammu
2100 BCE
What does the architecture of the ziggurat suggest
about the Sumerian culture?
*Violence and Order in the Babylonian New Year’s Festival
Ancient Egypt
Model of Egyptian River Boat
1985 BCE
How and why was this ship suited for Egypt?
River-Valley Civilizations, 3500-1500 BCE