Cheney High School
“A Commitment to Excellence”
German II
Ms. Brainard
Room 215
Voice mail: 559-4046
E-mail: [email protected]
Teaching Philosophy:
I believe that every student can benefit from the learning experience in my world language classes. I
create a framework for success that will allow every student to succeed if he/she is willing to make an
effort and use class time wisely. I give students multiple opportunities to master material. I strive to
create an engaging atmosphere for learning and want students to connect what they learn in class to the
real world, including potential career opportunities.
Required Materials:
Deutsch Aktuell II - EMC/Paradigm
Deutsch Aktuell II Workbook (Please purchase at Business Office; cost: approx. $17.00.)
Course Description
Students will review and expand basic grammar and vocabulary, with equal emphasis on the four skills
of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students will continue to expand their knowledge of German
culture and history through songs, recordings, poetry and short readings.
Course Content Strands:
 Means of Transportation, Train and Airplane Vocabulary
 Present Perfect Tense, Regular and Irregular Verbs
 Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs
 Youth Hostels and Camping
 Reflexive Verbs
 Past Events, Planning a Trip
 Narrative Past Tense, Regular and Irregular Verbs
 Daily Activities, Household Chores
 Expansion of Food Vocabulary
 Genitive Case
 Food Shopping and Restaurant Vocabulary
 German Holidays
 Past Perfect Tense
 Shopping in a Department Store
 Two-Way Prepositions
 Hobbies and Leisure Activities
 Occupations and Health
Significant Project Work:
Students will prepare a group art project retelling a story by the Brothers Grimm.
Grading (per semester):
Homework completed
Quizzes (2-4 weekly)
Chapter Exams
10 points (weighted x 1) x approx. 30
= 300
20 points (weighted x 2) x approx. 30
= 600
40 points (weighted x 4) x 5 per semester = 800
Approx. 1700
Extra Credit:
Students may do up to 2 reports per semester in each of the 3 categories: book report, article summary,
or history report. Other opportunities for extra credit reports may become available during the semester,
including attendance at films, concerts and plays in the area. Each report is worth 10 points that are
equal in weight to quiz points (x 2). The maximum amount of extra credit per semester is 6 reports (or
120 points, with each point x 2).
Make Up Policy:
Please refer to page 14 of the CHS Student Planner.
Grading Scale: (based on percentage of total points)
92 -100
90 - 91.9
88 - 89.9
82 - 87.9
80 - 81.9
78 - 79.9
72 - 77.9
70 - 71.9
68 - 69.9
60 - 67.9
below 60
Students must earn a C or higher Spring Semester in order to enroll in German III.
Classroom Behavior Expectations:
Please refer to pages 7-23 of the CHS Student Planner for Student Responsibilities and Appropriate
CELL PHONES: The use of cell phones is not allowed in class. Upon entering the classroom,
students must turn off cell phones and put them out of sight in a bag or pocket. If I see a cell
phone, I will confiscate it and turn it over to an administrator, who will return it to the student
at the end of the day. Please see page 14 of the Student Planner for the progressive discipline
process regarding cell phones.
------------------------------------------------------------------------(Please see attached letter to Parents/Guardians.)
Sept. 1, 2015
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Your son or daughter is currently enrolled in my German class. Please review this class
syllabus with your child. In addition to mastery of the academic content, appropriate
classroom behavior is very important in order to create a safe and respectful learning
Please note the school policy on cell phones in the classroom. This will be strictly
For your son/daughter to succeed in my class, please encourage the following:
1) Come to class every day!
There are very few opportunities for a student to be exposed to the German language outside
of our classroom! Good attendance is crucial to success!
2) Ask lots of questions.
Encourage your student to ask questions when he/she doesn’t understand something.
Many times there are others in the class who will have the same question.
3) Be prepared for quizzes!
Students must take time at home to study for quizzes and exams. We usually have one or two
quizzes per week. Learning a second language requires a great deal of memorization. You
can help your child by asking them if they have a quiz and then going over the vocabulary
words with them.
4) Study for chapter exams!
In this class, all information is cumulative. Chapter exams often include sections that are
very similar to the quizzes we have had. Encourage your student to keep all of their returned
papers in a three-ring binder or folder!
I am looking forward to meeting parents and guardians at our Fall Open House, and our Fall
and Spring Conferences! Information on the dates and times will be available soon!
Thank you,
Ms. Brainard
Parent Notification:
Please take this course syllabus and letter home, discuss it with your parents/guardians, and
obtain a parent/guardian and student signature.
____________________________Student Signature
_____________ Date
____________________________Parent/Guardian Signature ______________Date