Collation of Sharings at Commission of Regions Meeting
AFC July 20, 2014
St. Louis, MO
How do Dare to Image (future planning) and Cultivating Kindom Power (keynote
presentations) influence our Commission of Regions?
 The world needs a focus and who better to respond to this need than us? We
must become a critical mass in our world with lay and religious. To do this, we
need to get support from our congregations, the Federation, and other sources.
We need a Franciscan source to communicate, support, and advise on a
practical, unified effort. When there is a crisis, if we had a system within the
Regions, there might be a supportive vehicle, or presence for the crisis. For
example, if a Region had a crisis, like Texas immigration, etc., we might respond
efficiently. If we are informed, we can give the support on the ground driven by
local persons.
 “Dare”---don’t be afraid to risk
 “Cultivate”---bring about whatever it is we imagine and evolve to. Both call us to
 We need to broaden ourselves, including inclusivity of membership; pursue First
Order, re-invite Conventuals; encourage companions, Franciscan-hearted
 Regions could go deeper into the topics presented at AFC
 Share what Regions / people in Regions are doing
 Find out activities other Regions are doing; hear from other Regions; get to know
each other---How?
How does Cultivating Kindom Power (keynote presentations) tie in with Dare to
 One is the foundation for the other…
 Widen the tent for decision-making; if Commissions of some sort are part of the
new structure, propose to eliminate (dissolve) the Commission of Leadership (is
exclusive in itself); all 3 structures create separateness.
 There is a division among Regions because of the “separateness” of Charism
Commission and Commission of Regions (Is it a power structuring?) Commission
of Regions---what precisely is the purpose?
 How to keep Commissions in Dare to Image? Keep talking…
 Dare to Image can be influenced by Kindom concept in considering “who
 Cost of AFC is prohibitive for associates to attend
 Need for self-transformation to let go! Need to challenge and encourage each
other in Regions; feel disconnected from Region
How can the Commission of Regions participate in the unfolding of this future
 The Commission of Regions could easily adapt to digital communication process,
the digital information must be accurate and constantly updated. Although
digitally connected, local Regions could respond to area crises, offer Franciscan
support and resources.
 What if no Regions? If the Federation can develop a webinar to be posted on the
website, all Regions can join in on it and single people across the country can
see it too. It can remain on the website for viewing; then a specific meeting date
is not necessary.
 Eliminate the Regions; create other options for gathering
 Create effective communication that builds relationships between members of
different geographic groups and areas
 Tell us (Regions) what our actual purpose is according to the original design of
the Commissions 5 years ago by the Transformation Taskforce (It is in the bylaws but purpose is not passed on to the Regions).
 Do all Region Steering Committee members need to be professed religious?
 Consider clusters vs. regions
 Structure of Regions is a concern---too spread out and can’t get together; try
clusters instead of changing regions; focus: look at demographics
 What do we want from Federation? Not education opportunities but, a) to
promote Franciscan framework (such as AFC), b) enrichment, c) relationships
 Regions = where activities take place
 Build relationships so intentionally that individuals want to come to regional or
AFC activities. Connectivity fosters energy.
 Communication: How do we get people to be attentive? Survey monkey vs.
paper copy surveys to get more responses!
 What should regions be doing? How can we build relationships?
 Eliminate Regions and start Clusters; put all options on the table as well as
communication links
 We need to include all Franciscan groups and those with Franciscan hearts
 What are ways to communicate what activities the Regions are doing and how to
share with each other?
 The Dare to Image group can be influenced by the Kindom concept in
considering “who belongs”
 Important to disseminate content to members of Regions (meetings in several
sites, DVDs in local communities)
 Assure you have accurate emails; use technology, web-conferences and
 Include associates, Franciscan-hearted people, seculars
 Membership fee is limiting; help grassroots to know that they belong to
 Incorporate contemplation
 In preparation for 50th anniversary, have a reflection for each of 50 days; use
history of Federation; share AFC 2914 theme; storytelling (create a committee to
Foster relationships; identify clusters of Franciscans rather than geographic
Invite more than Third Order people to local meetings and AFC
Distance and small numbers are problems in Region structure; include friars,
youth, all branches of Order, Franciscan-hearted (inclusivity)
Local groups could do more together (ex. Transitus, faith sharing on deeper
level); replace Regions with local groups
Bring AFC energy and presentations home to Sisters---how can we make a
Develop different structure for Regions (local clusters)
Mentoring needed for planning gatherings
Some Regions have little happening and no communication

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