PowerPoint slides- Programme and Services

The IAPT Programme and Services
• Delivery of talking therapies
Treating mild to moderate anxiety and depression
Easy access – GP and (in time) self referral
NICE approved interventions
2 Demonstration Sites in 2007 led to £173m national
• New services introduced in each PCT area through to
end of 2010/11
• Better health and wellbeing of the population
• High levels of satisfaction with the service
• More choice and better accessibility to clinically
effective evidence-based services
• Helping people stay employed and able to
participate in the activities of daily living
Recovery Focus
Psychological therapies to treat people with
depression and anxiety disorders – NICE
Guidance, which now includes a range of
Stepped Care
High and low intensity therapy
Workforce and Training
Extensive one-year training programmes: on- and off-the-job
Clinical psychologists, Counselling psychologists, Nurse
therapists, Primary Care counsellors and other qualified Mental
Health professionals are eligible to train in delivering High
Intensity therapy (AfC Bands 6 and 7)
People from a wide range of backgrounds with a special interest
in therapy are eligible to train in delivering Low Intensity
interventions (AfC Band 4) as a Psychological Wellbeing
NHS Stressline
Complementary service: 4 ways we can help
- We’ll listen to you
- We’ll offer you useful information you can trust
- We’ll guide you through your crisis
- We’ll help you get back in control of your life
Health and wellbeing support and advice
Signposting to specialist debt, job or housing advice
Call 0300 123 2000