I need a job! Instruction Sheet With Example

And Mt. Olympus is hiring!
Why should I hire you!? What do you have that I need? Are you handy with lightning bolts?
Are you able to create thunderstorms? Do you possess great people skills? If you answered yes
to any of these questions, then you need to apply for a job at the upcoming Age of Mythology
Job Fair.
First, you need to bring your updated resume, a formal way of selling yourself. Remember, you
want to STAND OUT! YOU are that god/goddess!! Be different! Ask yourself, “What do I
have that the other Gods and Goddesses don’t have? Remember, you NEED A JOB!
Resume Requirements
Personal: A heading that states your god's name (you), your address, and a phone number
Career Objective: State an objective, the purpose for your resume, or what you hope to
accomplish (written as an infinitive statement).
Education: Include which universities you attended, degrees you earned, activities in which you
participated, and graduation dates (backwards from the most recent)
Work Experience: Again, utilize the research you have done but you will also want to be
creative. Using what you know about the god/goddess, make up/invent previous work
experiences. Think about what will make you most marketable for Mount Olympus(backwards
from the most recent)
Awards/Honors: Be super creative on this one. Use dates. Use what you learned about the
god/goddess to come up with something totally different!
Hobbies/Interests/Skills: Use any research you have done as well as your imagination.
References: Be clever on this one! Anyone who the Human Resources office shouldn’t
Business Card Requirement
Second, you will need to create a spiffy, eye-catching business card! After the fair is over, you
want Zeus and all the other gods doing the hiring to contact you. You need to include the
Phone number
Email address
Tag line so they will remember you
Picture or logo of something that represents you.
Size is 2 by 3 ½ inches, the size of an actual business card.
Elevator Speech
Lastly, you need to pitch yourself as a great candidate to join the work force of Mount Olympus.
Pretend you were in an elevator and the Human Resources Director walks in and pushes the
button for another floor. You have 15 seconds to sell yourself before the bell dings and he has to
walk away!
What you need to include in your 15 second elevator speech:
List your college credentials
Describe 2 or 3 of your best skills
Say something clever and memorable
You must be concise, engaging and memorable!
Hello, my name is Thor and I’ve just graduated from Olympics University with a degree in
Thunder Bolting. Nice to meet you! My aim is impeccable and I’ve been awarded championship
medals from countless bolting competitions. I’m looking for a job--- let me know if you need
any help with anything. I’ve been told I’m quite the spark plug within a team!
Athena Acropolis
7 Parthenon Way, Triton Pennsylvania. [email protected] 267.555.1234.
To obtain a career in the justice department for the city of Philadelphia.
M.A. Philosophy, Sociology
Spartina College 473 B.C
Rome, Texas
B.A Literature, Art
Mt. Olympus University, 477 B.C.
Athens, Georgia.
Mt. Olympus University, Tutor
477 B.C-473 B.C
 Tutor for the following subjects: mathematics, literature, warfare,
arts, crafts, skills and obtaining peace
 Record amount of student’s obtained passing and above level scores
 Led students to war against unfair professors and grading
 Tutored the famed Perseus in wartime strategies
City of Athens, Court Intern
482 B.C-481 B.C
 Worked directly with judges to determine punishments
 Interviewed and associated with justice department workers
 Counseled various criminals in regards to their crime and
The Knot, Weaving Specialist
481 B.C-480 B.C
 Work with customers and team to optimize weave experience
 Teach new employees tricks and skills
 Design and create various garments
National Honors Society, Dean’s List
Calceia Honorary Craftsman
Mt. Olympus “Wise Owl”
477-473 B.C
475 B.C
473 B.C
President, Goddess’ Against Cruelty
National Society of Wartime Counselors Member
Secretary, The Crafting Club
 Organized a “WEAVE FOR PEACE” event benefiting local charities
Caring for my pet owl
Strategizing for war
Settling predicaments
-REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST(Odysseus, Jason, Hercules, NOT Poseidon!)