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Special Mars Homework
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20 points
search and locate “Olympus Mons”, the largest volcano in the solar system
1. Knowing that more craters indicates “older” land, in comparison to Olympus
Mons, where would you predict there is older Martian terrain, and where is newer
terrain, where lava has come up and created new land or ancient water has erased
2. Valles Marineris is the huge canyon to the southeast (by this map) of Olympus
Mons. Looking at elevations, if this was formed by water, where did this water
come from? Explain your reasoning.
3. Besides Olympus Mons, and the volcanoes just to the “east and southeast” of it,
find another volcano and tell me specifically where it is.
4. Could Valles Marineris have been formed by something besides water? By what?
Explain your reasoning.