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1. Create a personal account to save your work.
Hint: Top bar, on the right.
2. How many maps are available?
Hint: About link at the bottom left
3. When does the earliest census in the collection date from?
Hint: About
4. According to the Religion 2010 (InfoGroup) map, which state has the largest
concentration of Buddhists?
Hint: Maps and tables, 2010 Religion in left column.
5. Create a slideshow showing population density from 1950 to 2000.
Hint: Maps, select 1950 census tract, population density. Use Snapshots at
bottom right of map.
6. What was the main occupation type in New Hampshire according to the 1820
Hint: Maps, 1820 census, use Find button on the bar above the map for New
7. Which regions had the lowest percentage of radio ownership in the 1930
Hint: Maps, Census 1930, Housing
8. Where can you find the actual questionnaire used in the 2010 census?
Hint: Resources/Data Dictionary at the bottom of the home page
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1. 2. About 25,000 interactive maps (January 2014)
3. 1790
4. California
5. 6. Agriculture
7. Nevada
8. 9. 10. -
Last update 28.1.2014