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Press Release

Contact: Michone Preston

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Habitat for Humanity of Washington

For Immediate Release June 22, 2015

Spokane, WA June 22, 2015 - Habitat for Humanity of

Washington State has hired Michone Preston as Director. She was the former CEO of Habitat for Humanity Spokane. This growth is possible with the support of HUD.

Ms. Preston’s role will focus on increasing the capacity of Habitat affiliates in Washington that participate in the support organization. These goals will be accomplished by expanding the advocacy initiatives, philanthropic efforts, increasing financial access and monitoring regulations to increase compliance with state and local laws.

Ms. Preston is a housing expert with over 25 years of nonprofit management, legislative advocacy and philanthropic success. Her most recent work includes 15 years in leadership as

Habitat for Humanity Spokane’s CEO and five years as CDO prior. She was a founding member of Habitat for Humanity of Washington State and remained an active participant.

Ms. Preston holds a BA in Marketing from Gonzaga University; an MA in Philanthropy &

Development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and is a Doctoral candidate in

Leadership at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. She also is a Certified Fund Raising

Executive, a rare certification held by those with proven success in the field of philanthropy.

She has raised over $100 million to house people in need during her career. Her passion is serving the underserved through leadership, vision and action.

A native of Mansfield, Washington where she farms wheat and cattle with her family, Preston has been part of Habitat for 20 years. “Habitat for Humanity creates equality in equity by empowering people with assets through homeownership. The hidden poor in urban and rural

Washington is abundant and unjust. This role enables us to building more homes for our lowincome neighbors. It also allows us to focus on areas of Washington where we lack resources.

At Habitat, we believe that everyone deserves a decent home and that it is a right, not a privilege. Those willing to work hard to meet the requirements can own a home through

Habitat for Humanity. We need your support. Visit our website and help us through your donation, shopping at our Stores and volunteering your time, says Preston.”