Habitats Year 2 Home Learning Project

Year 2 Home Learning Project
Date set: Wednesday 25th March 2015
We are excited to inform you that
our topic next term will be inspired
by our trip to ‘The London Aquarium’.
Some of the things we will be
learning about are; what a habitat
provides, how animals obtain their
food and what a micro-habitat is.
Your project is to create an information poster about an animal living in
an ocean/ marine habitat.
Remember to include:
- A clear heading
- Sub-headings to help organise your information
- A picture of your chosen animal/ habitat, you may like to include a
- A diagram to provide more information about your habitat
Key points to include are:
o What is the name of your animal?
o Where would you usually find it?
o A description of your habitat
o What other animals live in the
same habitat?
o How does your animal obtain
- Where in the world is your habitat located?
- How does the climate affect your animal’s marine habitat?
Have fun and we look forward to sharing and
displaying your posters within the academy for all
to enjoy next term.
Home Learning Projects are due in:
Wednesday 15th April 2015
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