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upCAT #4 – Winter 2015/2016
Application form
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1. Business idea
a. Business idea in a few sentences.
b. Why is your idea special?
(Why doesn’t your idea already exist?)
c. Who are your customers, where is your market and how big is your target group?
(How do customers deal with the problem today? Why will customers pay money for your
d. Do you have a business model, what is it like?
(If you have a business model canvas, please submit it.)
e. Do you have business competition?
(What are alternative technologies – current and future ones? What ist he current status of
the technology? Which players are in the market? )
2. Team
a. Who is part of the founders team? (incl.background/experience and assignment of tasks)
b. Who is still missing?
c. What is your motivation and your goal?
upCAT #4 – Winter 2015/2016
Application form
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d. For how long does your team exist?
3. Strenghts/weaknesses
a. Where are you biggest strenghts?
b. And your biggest risk?
4. Finance
a. How are you currently financing your idea?
b. How do you plan to finance your business during the next 6, 12, 24 months?
c. Are you receiving any subsidies or are you planning on applying for some?
Current Status
a. In which phase are you?(Idea, foundation)
b. What have you achieved until today?
c. Do you already have a mentor or an investor?
d. Where do you want to be in 3 years from now?
upCAT #4 – Winter 2015/2016
Application form
6. How did you hear about upCAT?
7. What do you expect from the program?
8. What else do you want to ask us or say to us?
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