NEW Leadership™ Application - Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University NEW Leadership™ Application
NEW Leadership™ is a program hosted by the Center for American Women and Politics
(CAWP) at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey to educate, empower, and
encourage college women to become politically active and to take on leadership roles.
We are thrilled to announce that Eastern Washington University’s Women’s Studies
Center has been selected to host a one-day intensive NEW Leadership™ institute in
winter quarter, 2016.
The NEW Leadership™ winter institute is a non-partisan, one-day program that will take
place on March 4, 2016 at Eastern Washington University. During the winter institute,
students will meet women leaders, learn about women in American politics, and develop
and practice leadership skills through panel discussions, workshops, and hands-on
projects. After the institute, participants are encouraged to continue to develop their
leadership skills. NEW Leadership™ alumnae will be invited to return to EWU’s
Women’s Studies Center for special events and programs.
NEW Leadership™ is supported by donations from corporate sponsors and individuals
that cover the program costs. Food and all program materials are provided for the full day
of the program. There is no direct cost to the students.
NEW Leadership™ winter institute is open to undergraduate and graduate students
enrolled at Eastern Washington University for the 2015-2016 academic year. Applicants
are required to provide contact information for a faculty or staff member at their school
who will recommend them as institute participants. EWU’s Women’s Studies Center is
committed to including women from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial
backgrounds in each NEW LeadershipTM program. We strongly encourage women of
color, nontraditional college women, and students majoring in fields outside political
science to apply.
NEW Leadership™ participants are expected to attend all institute sessions and remain
on campus during the entire program. If you are accepted you will be required to
acknowledge and agree to meet these requirements. Accepted students are required to
confirm their intention to attend.
Applications must be received by Thursday, February 11, 2016
Applications by mail may be sent to:
Lisa Logan, Eastern Washington University
Women’s Studies Center 207-F Monroe Hall Cheney, WA 99004-2428. The application
can also be dropped off in person or emailed to [email protected]
NEW Leadership™ Application
Please print neatly and answer each question completely
Name: _____________________________________________________________
Personal Background: (Note: Completing this section is voluntary.)
[ ] 18-25
[ ] 26-35
[ ] 36-45
[ ] over 45
[ ] African American [ ] Asian [ ] Caucasian [ ] Latina [ ] Other
Permanent address: ___________________________________________________
Campus address (if different from your permanent address):
Home phone: ____________________ Mobile phone: _______________________
E-mail address: ______________________________________________________
Notification should be sent to: ____ CAMPUS address ____ PERMANENT address
Class year: __________________________________________________________
Major/minor: ________________________________________________________
Academic areas of interest:
List any Political Science or Women’s and Gender Studies courses you have taken.
Include the quarter during which classes were taken (ex: Intro to Women’s Studies,
Spring ’14).
List any honors or awards received, as well as leadership positions attained.
Essay questions (attach additional pages if necessary)
1. Describe the political or community activities and/or organizations you have been
involved with. Which is the most important to you and why?
2. Why do you wish to participate in NEW Leadership™ winter institute? What do you
expect to gain from participating in this program?
Provide the names, titles, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for three references. (At
least one reference must be a college faculty or staff member.)
____ The following individual has agreed recommend me as a participant in the NEW
Leadership™ institute. Name of Faculty Contact ___________________________________________________
Title ___________________________________________________________________
Phone number________________________ E-mail_____________________________
Name __________________________________________________________________
Title ___________________________________________________________________
Phone number________________________ E-mail_____________________________
Name __________________________________________________________________
Title ___________________________________________________________________
Phone number________________________ E-mail_____________________________
So that we can improve our program outreach, please tell us where you heard about NEW
Leadership™. NEW Leadership™ institute participants are expected to attend all sessions and
stay on campus with the group during the entire program March 4, 2016. In
completing this application, you acknowledge that you are aware of these
requirements and agree, if accepted, to make every effort to meet this commitment.
Applicant’s Signature: _____________________________________________________
Date: _____________________________