Graduate Student Council Meeting Minutes February 8, 2012 1

Graduate Student Council Meeting Minutes
February 8, 2012
1. Updates:
Brandon Hidaka – CSA Feb 16th at noon. $25 a week for a bag of groceries,
open to students faculty and staff. Mostly produce, vegetables and fruit, also
some local bread and meat, can do vegetarian option though.
[email protected] if you can’t come to the meeting and want to sign
JHAWK – Cori Ast 1050 SON a lecture series, physician certification for
example. For anyone interested in healthcare. At 5:30pm first Thursday of
every month.
Street fair – Julie Mitchell. Think about your booth if your organization wants
a booth, start planning! At Rosedale middle school from 10am-2pm, an
opportunity to give back to the community.
Barbara Nguyen – next week is women’s health week, how to spice up your
sexual life, contraception, juggling life career and kids etc.
Lindsay Sickel - Community Outreach – Plans for the semester are: a clothing
drive on campus, with the donations going to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of KC.
Also teaming up with Leukemia and Lymphoma society to help raise money
for LLS. Also going to be doing the food for the Street Fair.
Kellyann Jones – mosaic project applications will be going out next week, a
retreat that goes on March 9-11 here on campus, exploring diversity.
Learning about personal biases you may have.
Julie Mitchell– Reminder, SRF abstracts are due at the end of the month!
2. Budget:
Two proposals from the board:
I. SGC does not need the $1000 we had a line item for street fair, they won’t use it. So
the board proposes to split that up, put $500 towards philanthropy and $500 to
II. There is also $250 allocated for a healthwalk, the healthwalk is way too expensive
so we propose to reallocate to a street fair booth instead.
$250 is too much for the booth for street fair, so this should go into
philanthropy as well and just take out of that the money needed for the booth.
Also the $500 from the street fair should go to the food bank that the street
fair is raising money for.
Dr. Rawitch suggested sponsoring a boat for the dragon boat festival, it’s
about $300-400, with some of the money
Kellyann suggested that we move the money to contingency funds to
determine how to use it at a later date, after suggestions have been
However, a motion was made to give the $500 to the street fair beneficiary, a
food bank, rather than wait for other suggestions. The vote was seconded- 13
in favor none not in favor.
A motion was then made to move the remaining $750 to the philanthropy
fund, seconded, approved. None not in favor.
Other budget issues:
I. We don’t have enough money for all the student groups, should we give less
money over all, or do like SGC and give more money to groups with graduate
students only and less to all student groups.
we are trying to be interdisciplinary so giving less to all student groups
would defeat that purpose.
The question was raised: did everyone use all their money? Yes - Only 3
groups that applied didn’t use all their money.
It was suggested that the amount for each group should decrease to $100.
Dr. Rawitch said that for things that don’t have enough money, you can bring
them to him and try to get funding from endowment to help with budget
Kellyann said her philosophy is to give more money to student groups,
because you put on most of the events on campus.
II. Student union money: The student union accrues money from the bookstore,
student fees, etc. They have $42,000 for student projects. $350 will go to reseal the
concrete next to the library. Other tentative funding plans: $10K for ITV in calkins.
and retrofit the water fountains for water bottle filling up.
Other possibilities that are on the table:
Phone charging stations.
SRF asked for money for next year, their rollover isn’t enough, $5000.
Vending machines in the student center outside of the student lounge.
New furniture for Francisco lounge.
Murphy courtyard fixture.
Refrigerator – to store dairy products for the CSA project.
The way the money is spent is approved by the board which consists of a student
from each student governing groups and student services has a vote as well. At the
next meeting want an idea of what is higher on graduate student’s list.
ITV is important, 1 student. ITV is unnecessary and too expensive, 1 student
against it.
Questions about if the water from new fountains could be filtered
Vending machines – shouldn’t have to pay for these.
Meeting closed at 1:05pm.
In attendance:
Brandon Hidaka
Kate Fliearman
Dan Belz
George Pro
Wm. Venable
Kelsey Smith
Tarang Jain
Saddam Kahaan
Marlies Ozias
Audrey Deeken
Alyson Algrim
Erica Floodman
Robert Wiggin
Rushi Trivedi
Marcia Jones
Allen Rawitch
Alex Dowdell
Julie Mitchell
Cori Ast
Valentini Aghar
Beth Dille
Yu Joyce Jiang
Barabara Nguyen
Chandler Williams
Kristin Russell
Lindsay Sickel
Erdong Cheng
Yuchen Zhang