Build a Better Future IP Guide

Build a Better Future IP Guide
Dear Girl Scouts,
On behalf of the Society of Women Engineers and the University of South Florida, we are pleased to host you,
your troops, and your families for our 2011 Engineering EXPO! Our goal today is to ensure that you have a
great time on our campus. In an effort to assist you in earning your Build a Better Future IP, please visit the
locations recommended below. Please note that these locations are optional. At the end of the day, we will
review your packets and issue you your new Build a Better Future IP!  If you have any questions, please stop
by the SWE booth. Good luck and have fun!!
1. Robots: To build a robot stop by the Robotics Institute located in Zone 1. For more information about
Robots stop by RIG Combat Competiton also in Zone 1 or by the FIRST Robotics booth located in ENC
1002. You can also stop by FLATE or Honeywell with East Lake Robotics, both located in ENB lobby.
2. Recycle 101: For more information about water recovery stop by the American Water Works
association located in Zone 2 or by the American Society of Civil Engineers located in Zone 3.
3. Car Design: For information stop by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Or by the Society
of Automotive Engineers located in Zone 1.
4. Careers in Engineering: Stop by the USF Engineering Departments booth located in the ENG lobby.
Or by any of the engineering companies located in the ENB lobby, ENG lobby or Zone 1.
a. Tampa General Hospital: Industrial Eng.
b. Raytheon: Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Engineering
c. General Motors: Mechanical, Electrical Engineering
d. Etc…..
5. Reflection: Please try to be creative. Awards will be given to the most creative.
6. Smart Goal: A list of activities will be given at the SWE booth. You can pick from this list or create
your own.
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