John Wilkes Booth

By Rowan
John Wilkes Booth Was
Born On…… 
Booth was
born on May
12 1838 near
Bel Air
Marryland in
a four room
log cabin.
Activities, Hobbies.
Booth and his brother Edwin Booth
were both famous actors
Interesting Fact
After shooting
Lincoln Booth and
his brother ran out
of the theater
screaming Sic
Semper Tyrannis
meaning Thus
Always To Tyrannis.
John Wilkes Booth shot Abe Lincoln in a movie theater.
John and his brother were both famous actors.
early years
When Booth turned 17,
Booth made his acting
debut in Baltimore, with
a role in a play called
As a boy, John Wilkes Booth was
athletic and popular, becoming
skilled at horsemanship and fencing.
John Wilkes
Booth shot Abe
Lincoln in the
head at a
movie theater.
John tried to
kill Abe 2
times the first
time failed the
second time
Booth killed
How rude
My opinion on John is that he
is very aggressive. I think this
because he killed Abe Lincoln.
Thanks for watching bye!