Languages at York St John University

Languages at York St John University
ADVANCED 1 (Japanese)
Venue: York St John University, Lord Mayor’s Walk
Start dates: w/c 21.09.15
Day/Time: see timetable
Number of sessions: 11 including assessment
Length of sessions: 2 hours
Course description
The course is for people who already have a good knowledge of the language and wish to
extend their language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
By the end of the course you should be able to...
 Give a presentation on a chosen theme and answer questions on their viewpoints.
 Understand the main points of authentic spoken passages and conversations.
 Understand written texts of some degree of complexity in a range of different contexts, and
recognise around 400-500 common kanji.
 Write a coherent text using kanji appropriately, including communicating information, ideas
and opinions.
 Understand of various aspects of Japanese culture.
Details of any previous experience or knowledge needed:
Completion of Intermediate 2 module at York St John University, A2 or equivalent knowledge of
the language. Participants may have studied the language in question for a number of years or
spent time in Japan. Please consult the languages lecturer about your level if this is the case.
Study time outside the classroom and method of assessment
Our language classes are open to students, staff and members of the public. For maximum
benefit, it is important to attend regularly, set time aside for homework and study between
classes, as advised by your tutor. Participants will take an oral assessment and complete an eportfolio of independent work.
Our tutors are all friendly and experienced teachers, and will offer guidance on study skills, as
well as recommend materials and give you feedback on your progress. Once enrolled, you will
have access to the University facilities, such as the library and on-line learning support.
Course fee: Extra-curricular (YSJ students) £95, external applicants £155 per module, YSJ
staff: please enquire.
How to enroll: Applications and payments should be completed online via the Online Store
Materials needed for the course: to be advised by the tutor.
Enquiries: Tel: 01904 876507. Email: