Maui Community College Course Outline

Maui Community College
Course Outline
1. Alpha and number
JPNS 202
Course Title
Intermediate Japanese II
Date of Outline
March 19, 2004
2. Course Description
Continues JPNSE 201. Completes introduction of
major grammatical patterns of standard Japanese.
Daily listening practice is highly recommended.
3. Contact Hours/Type
5 Hours/ Lecture
4. Prerequisites:
JPNS 201 or consent.
Recommended Preparation:
Approved by _______________________________________Date__________________
5. General Course Objectives
Students will further develop four basic skills in the Japanese language: listening,
speaking, reading, and writing.
6. Student Learning Outcomes
For assessment purposes, these are linked to # 7 Recommended course Content.
On completion of this course, students will be able to
a) Read and write additional 80 Kanji
Talk about the following topics
b) Automobiles and transportation
c) The body and health
d) Life and careers
Use the following Patterns
e) How to do something “---kata”
f) Without doing “---naide”
g) Describing attributes “---wa---ga” construction
Use the following verb forms
h) Transitive and intransitive verbs
i) Causative form
j) Honorific form and humble form
k) Passive form
Express the following
l) Results and states of being “---te aru”
m) Attempt
n) Just completed action “bakari”
o) Expectation “hazu”
Describe the following
p) Analogy and exemplification “yoo”
q) Appearance “yoo” “soo” “rasii” “mitai”
r) A change in state “---yoo ni naru”
s) An effort “---yoo ni suru”
Carry out conversations in the following situations
t) Asking for and giving instructions
u) Cheering up and encouraging others
v) At a pharmacy and a clinic
w) At a job placement center
x) On a job interview
7. Recommended Course Content and Approximate Time Spent on Each Topic
Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Chapter 3---Automobile and Transportation (b, e, f, h, l, m, n, t, u )
Cars and Driving
Car Maintenance and Repairs
Transportation and Traffic in the City
24 Kanji (a)
Week 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Chapter 4---The Body and Health (c, g, i, o, p, q, v)
Body Parts
Feeling and Emotions
Health and Illness
26 Kanji (a)
Week 11, 12, 13, 14: Chapter 5---Life and Careers ( d, j, k, r, s, w, x)
From Cradle to Grave
Careers and Occupations
In the Workplace
30 Kanji (a)
8. Text and Materials
An appropriate text (or texts) and materials will be chosen at the time the course is
offered. Examples:
Yookoso! Continuing with Contemporary Japanese, second Edition
Workbook: Workbook/Laboratory Manual to accompany Yookoso!
Continuing with Contemporary Japanese
Materials: Handouts and other relevant materials provided by the instructor
Video tapes, audio tapes, CD-Rom, guest speakers
8. Recommended Course Requirements and Evaluation
Specific course requirements are at the discretion of the instructor at the time the course
is being offered. Suggested requirements might include, but are not limited to, the
Daily performance
(mini-tests, homework, compositions, presentations)
Mid-term exam (written and oral)
Final exam (written and oral)
11. Methods of Instruction
Instructional methods vary with instructors; thus instructional methods will be at the
discretion of the instructor teaching the course. Techniques may include, but are not
limited to, the following:
Explanations of grammar, followed by practice
Reading and writing exercises (compositions)
Communicative practice: interviewing, pair activities (questions and answers)
Students’ oral presentations (individual/ group)