Planning process move of school or placement

Planning Process School / Placement Moves
1. When there are concerns about stability of any care/school placement, there
must be a professionals planning meeting which at a minimum must include –
virtual school team representative, IRO, SW and any other relevant professional.
All should be informed of the outcome of the meeting through the minutes.
2. The meeting should consider:
 What support is required both in school and placement to ensure the
placement doesn’t break down?
 Who is going to provide the support and by when?
 How will you know if it’s working and contingencies if not?
3. If placement/school is likely to break down, what alternative placements are
available? Will this require a change of school?
 What does the placement need to offer to meet needs including education
 Will they best be met by the child /young person staying in the same
school with transport?
 What are the implications of moving school in terms of the curriculum
 What are the social/emotional needs of the child / young person in school?
 Consideration of SEND and implications of any move, particularly to an out
of county placement as other local authority offer different provision e.g. a
child / young person in a mainstream school in Cumbria may only be
offered a special school place in their local authority.
4. The social worker should attend the meeting having met with the young person,
talked about the possible breakdown and the need for a professionals meeting so
that they can share their wishes feelings and preferred options. The social worker
should also see the views of the young person’s parent(s) if they are still part of
the young person’s life.
The social worker must discuss the potential move with the Virtual School so that
the Virtual School representative can bring information about what schools may
be available, their suitability and the curriculum available.
5. If the Young Person is at Key Stage 4 i.e. in Year 10-11 (aged14-16 years), a
school move cannot take place without signed agreement from the Assistant
Director Children and Families. Agreement is gained by completing the approval
for a school move at KS4 form which is submitted to the Assistant Director. This
form must be uploaded onto ICS along with the minutes of the professionals
planning meeting.