Northampton Business School Placements

Business placements
Northampton Business School students are given the opportunity to integrate work
experiences into their academic learning with a placement year.
During your placement year you will benefit from live work experience, as well as gaining
valuable skills and developing core competencies. The experience will also benefit your
final year of study and give you an advantage when looking for employment after your
The placement process
If you have successfully completed the first 2 years of your degree, you can choose to
take a placement year before moving into your final year.
You’ll work for a year in full-time, salaried job that has been approved by the Centre for
Work Based Learning.
During the placement year you’ll undertake 2 accredited work-based learning modules
that contribute to your overall grade.
If you are thinking about taking a Placement Year, visit the Centre for Work Based
Learning for more information, details of the latest vacancies and help and support for
your application.