press releases - Water in a box

Water in a Box Launches in Australia
An on-the-go, flavoured water range for the environmentally conscious Aussie
Vivid Water Ltd launched Water in a Box in the UK last year and is now already
rolling out globally, and recently launched in Australia.
Water in a Box is a unique spring water range that offers shoppers a compelling
alternative to other water brands.
As the first flavoured water to be packed and sold in cartons, the range is a really
exciting addition to the soft drinks market. Water in a Box is the compelling new way
to drink water ‘on the go’, whilst also limiting damage to the environment and the
World’s health.
The lightweight box is 100% recyclable and made from low carbon and naturally
renewable and sustainable materials that are sourced responsibly. Unlike plastic
bottles, the box and cap do not contain PET.
The sugar-free range includes Original, Lemon & Lime, Strawberry and Orange &
Peach and is loved by regular bottled water drinkers who have an environmental
conscience and hate seeing plastic water bottle discarded around the planet; it is the
opportunity to quench your thirst more responsibly, by choosing paper not plastic.
Vivid Water Ltd MD John Lee commented, “You see tons of plastic bottles washed up
on beaches and on streets around the World and we thought there has to be a
better way. Packaging water in a carton seemed an obvious answer and our research
shows consumers just love the idea of an environmentally friendly alternative that
tastes great and contains no added sugar. Australians are particularly aware of their
environment so Water in a Box is a fantastic solution for this market too”
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