3.8 Study Questions on Kush

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Study Questions pp. 69-72, The Civilization of Kush
1. South of Egypt, in present-day Sudan, another strong civilization arose along the Nile River. It was in
a region called ___, which was later known as ___.
2. Do historians believe that the first people to arrive in this region around 2000 BCE were farmers or
3. Were the people who settled later in this region farmers or herders?
4. Gradually, the more powerful villages in this region conquered the weaker ones and formed the
kingdom of ___, which traded with Egypt.
5. The kings of this kingdom were buried in tombs with items as spectacular as the pharaohs of Egypt,
including such items as ___, ___, ___, and ___.
6. In the 1400s BCE, the Egyptian pharaoh ___ attacked Nubia and caused the collapse of the kingdom
of Kerma. Egypt then ruled over the Nubians for the next 700 years.
7. While the Egyptians ruled over Nubia, the Nubians adopted many Egyptian ways. List two ways they
were influenced by Egyptian culture.
8. By 850 BCE, as Egypt declined at the end of the New Kingdom, the Nubians broke away and formed
the independent kingdom of ___.
9. The kings of this kingdom ruled from their capital city of ___ (name of city).
10. About 750 BCE, a Kushite king named ___ invaded Egypt and began to conquer it. The conquest of
Egypt by the kingdom of Kush was completed by his son ___ (name) in 728 BCE, who created an
empire that included both Egypt and Kush.
11. In Napata, the Kushite kings built ___ that were similar to those built by the Egyptians. They also
built ___ as tombs for their kings.
12. During the 600s, the ___(group of people) invaded Egypt and drove the Kushites out.
13. The Kushites learned something important from the people in question #12, which was ___, and
Kush became the first people in Africa to use, produce and trade this material widely.
14. In order to establish a capital farther away from the Assyrians, the Kushites moved their capital
south to the city of ___ (name of city).
15. This new capital city became important for ___ and for ___.
16. List three ways that Kushite kings rebuilt Meroë to look like an Egyptian city.
17. How long did Kush remain a great trading power?
18. Around 350 BCE, another kingdom arose in Ethiopia, which conquered the Kush kingdom and
burned Meroë to the ground; this new kingdom was called ___.
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