kush info

- The Kingdom of Kush became independent from Egypt in 1070 BC, after hundreds of years of
Egyptian rule
-In 750 BC, the Kushite ruler Piye invaded Egypt and established the 25th dynasty (capital at
- 673 BC, the Assyrians forced the Kushites out of Egypt
- King Tantamani retook Egypt for a few years between 664 BC to 656 BC before being defeated
by the Assyrians yet again (this time for good)
- Kush fell to Axum (another ancient civilization) in AD 352
-made iron weapons for their own use, as well as for sale to other civilizations
- traded gold, ivory, iron goods
- Needed wood to burn to smelt the iron
-when the forests dwindled, so too did the wealth and power of Kush
Video on iron and Kush
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