How Did The Nile Shape Ancient Egypt

How Did The Nile Shape
Ancient Egypt
DBQ Day 1
Windy Mulder
Horizon Middle School
Good Morning!
 Please write today’s agenda in your planner
 Warm Up Question:
 Write down the relative location of Egypt
 What is it near?
 Can you name any landforms around it?
 What continent is it on?
Finding a New Homeland
Egyptian History Timeline
2920-2575 BCE
Early Dynastic
Period: The first
pharaohs unify
Egypt into a
powerful kingdom
2040-1640 BCE
Middle Kingdom:
Egypt’s population,
religion, and arts
2575-2134 BCE
Old Kingdom: Big advances
in technology and
architecture; pyramids built
in Giza
712-332 BCE
Late Period:
Persians invade and
annex Egypt
1550-1070 BCE
New Kingdom: Egypt
expands into Syria and
Nubia; international trade
routes established
30 BCE
Egypt falls to
Roman Empire
332-304 BCE Alexander
the Great defeats Persians;
establishes new capital in
Egypt called Alexandria
 Black Land: the fertile area fed by the Nile where the soil
is rich
 Red Land: the deserts to the east and west of the Nile
 Tributaries: rivers and streams that flow into a larger
“parent” river
 Papyrus: a plant with fibrous inner stems used to make
 Irrigation: diverting water to farmland using ditches,
canals and pipes