Lesson Design


Lesson Plan Unit:2 Topic: Identify Weld Symbol Information Framework: _2.3

ELA Framework: W.5.10.8, W5.11.8, W5.12.8

CCSS: WHST 10.10, 11.10, 12.10

Author: Jared Ross

 What concept within the framework is to be developed? What is the specific objective of the lesson?

Identify common weld symbols and what they mean.

 What do students probably already know about the content? What prior knowledge needs to be activated?

Basic Print Reading

 What don’t they know?

Weld symbols

 What should students be able to do at the end of the lesson?

Demonstrate ability to identify common welding symbols used in industry and how to apply them to make sure the correct weld procedure is followed.

 What resources are available to develop the concept?

DVD on weld symbols and there uses

 What questions will focus students’ thinking on the concept and help guide learning?

Why do we need weld symbols rather then just write write how someone wants a project to be welded?

 How will I assess students’ understanding of the essential concepts and major details?

Verbally confirm what various weld symbols represent using a powerpoint presentation.

Description of Lesson

Part of


Strategy What Students Will Do

Before Admit Slip

Answer Question:

Why do we need weld symbols rather then just write write how someone wants a project to be welded?


DVD and lecture

What Teacher Will Do

Have question written on screen for everyone to answer as class begins.

Students will take notes on lecture and DVD on the welding symbols and there uses

Demonstrate basic understanding by answering questions concerning aeld symbol

Use NCCER Level two textbook page

1.1-1.21 to show the uses and meanings of weld symbols

Show DVD presentation outlining the welding symbols and there uses

After Exit Slip

Reanswer the same question asked during the beginning of class

Read each response to determine students comprehension of lesson