Hindu Symbols PPT

“What Symbols Do Hindus Use?”
Hindu Symbols
• There are many different symbols that
Hindus use. Two general categories or
branches of Hindu symbols. The following
slides have information that cover some of
the Hindu’s symbols.
The Om [or Aum]
• The Aum is a chant which harmonizes the
physical, and emotional and intellectual
forces. It also awakens brain cells.
The Swastika
• The swastika symbol represents good luck
and prosperity. It also represents honesty,
truth, purity, and stability.
The Sri Yantra
• This symbol is characterized by nine
interlocking triangles from a central point.
Of the nine, four triangles represent Shiva.
The other five represent the feminine, or
the Divine Mother.
The Tilaka
• This symbol is often placed on the
forehead of a devotee of Hinduism. It also
comes in many different shapes,
depending on the custom or religious