Introduction to Symbols

Lesson Plan Title: Introduction to symbols
Objectives: Students will describe three common visual symbols, analyze their essential
components, and generate a model of how a symbol functions. Students will use this
model to analyze the conch in The Lord of the Flies. (1.3.10.D)
Required Materials:
Three visual symbols to be projected (stop sign, Star of David, musical eighth note)
White Board
Symbol Assignment Sheet
Housekeeping – 5 min
Read – 20 min
Project the three symbols and allow the students to “write a few sentences describing
each” – 7 min
Share/ Discuss what the students have written, trying to brainstorm a list of elements
common to each description – 8 min
Begin to build a concept model (germ cell) of a symbol, trying to focus today on the
relationship between the physical object and the meaning attributed to it. – 10 min
Hand out symbol assignment sheet and go over it – 5 min
Students will be assessed based on their written and discussion responses, and on their
collective ability to construct the symbol model and use it to talk about the conch.