Ashville College: English as a Foreign Language

English as a Foreign Language Provision
EFL (English as a Foreign Language) is a well-established department at
Ashville with one full-time and three part-time members of staff.
Overseas students normally take EFL lessons when the rest of their class is
having mainstream English lessons. In addition, some receive extra lessons
during the Language lessons (for example instead of French, German or
Spanish). We tailor the offering to each individual based on their need and ability.
We encourage students to take the appropriate tests so they have formal
qualifications showing their proficiency in English. We sit students for the
Cambridge tests, including the Cambridge University entrance test (IELTS) and
the Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency tests. For some students, there will
also be the chance to take the International GCSE (IGCSE) in English. Those
students who make exceptional progress will have the opportunity to take GCSE
EFL lessons are structured according to the needs of the students, classes are
small (usually around 5 to 8, sometimes one-to-one and never more than 15) and
the full range of skills is taught (reading, writing, speaking and listening). As well
as this, the EFL teachers are keen to teach students about British culture and
lifestyle further adding to your experience.
In addition, we have partnerships with several language schools, and can
recommend courses for you prior to your arrival, to ensure that you are as well
equipped and prepared as possible for your time here at Ashville.