Chinese Story Time

Chinese Story Time
中文兒童故事會 --- 西雅圖公立圖書館
Library Staff Evaluation
Your Name:
Date of Program:
The goals of this program are to celebrate Chinese culture, expand our services to Chinesespeakers, and bring new Chinese-speakers into the library. Your observations will help us
determine whether we are meeting these goals. If time allows and attendees speak English,
you may be able to ask some of these questions directly. Please email or fax completed form to
6-4108 or
Do you recognize the attendees? Have they used your branch before? Do they have library
From your observations, would you say that the audience is primarily Chinese? Do the
participants speak Chinese? Do they speak English? Are they bilingual? Do they speak other
Are the parents interested in the Chinese materials? Are they interested in other materials?
Other programs?
Did you sign anyone up for a library card? If so, how many?
Did you sign anyone up for SRP? If so, how many?
Is there anything about the program or the publicity that you would like to share?
Additional information is always useful for us to include in the mayor’s report or in reports to
funders. Do you have any fun anecdotes or audience comments you can share?