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Women and Heart Health: Real protection, love,
and care for your Valentine!
In the US, Heart Disease is the Number 1 killer of
women. 1 in 3 deaths – more than all cancers
combined. One attributed death per minute. 43 million
women are currently affected. 90% of women have
one or more risk factors.
The statistics are staggering!
So, what are the risk factors? To name a few: high cholesterol, high blood
pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, mental stress, depression,
smoking, lack of physical activity, family history, low levels of estrogen,
inappropriate self-administration of medication, and pregnancy complications
– such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. An unhealthy weight
with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25 and a waist measurement over 35
inches can also greatly increase risk.
Yes - many of these equally affect the risk for a man to develop Heart
Disease – however, studies are showing that the immediate risks and overall
effects are significantly higher in women in almost all categories!
We urge you to take Heart Disease seriously by speaking to your
physician about your own personal risks and making lifestyle changes
to reduce the risk factors – such as not smoking, exercising regularly,
maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a healthy diet that reduces
saturated fats, salt, and cholesterol.
It is also important to understand the differences in how Heart Disease can
present in women. Two examples include:
Heart attack symptoms can be different in women – and can include
sometimes only a mild chest discomfort or pressure with a combination of
more vague symptoms such as unusual fatigue, sweating, dizziness,
shortness of breath, and general discomfort in neck, arms, shoulders, upper
back, or stomach. The symptoms can be subtle and confusing.
A type of heart disease that effects many women is called Diastolic Heart
Failure (DHF) – which can present differently than other more discussed
forms of heart failure and can be seen through increased shortness of
breath, increased breathing rate, fluid in lungs, bluish color around lips,
fatigue, cool temperature to hands/feet, and increased swelling in
ankles/feet. The heart is still failing – but in a way that is much more difficult
to detect on standard tests for heart failure such as Ejection Fraction. Any
failure of the heart functioning properly can cause death!
Please take a few minutes this month to assess your own risk factors – and
those who you love! Having those you cherish both healthy and by your side
for years to come can be the most precious of gifts!
Resource Available – The American Heart Association’s Website
with a focus on Women and Heart Health shares a variety of
information, resources, helpful videos, real-life stories of women living
with heart disease, etc.
There is helpful information regarding how to know your own risk for
heart disease – including a Heart CheckUp to assess personal risk of
developing heart disease in the next 10 years.
National Wear Red Day is Feb 6th 2015 to bring awareness to this
Support Group Information
Lacy Doremus, LMSW, C-ASWCM, facilitates a monthly caregiver support group at
7pm at Presbyterian Village - conference room between Hearthstone and Wellness
center. The address is 2000 E West Connector Austell, GA and meetings are held the
last Tuesday of each month at 7pm.
Lisa Meeks, MS, CTRS, CMC facilitates a monthly spousal support group at Arbor
Terrace East Cobb on the third Thursday each month at noon. The address is 886
Johnson Ferry Rd. Marietta, GA. RSVPs are required and should be provided to Arbor
Terrace at 770-977-4420 – as complimentary lunch is served.
Lisa also facilitates a monthly spousal support group at Arbor Terrace of Crabapple on
the first Tuesday each month at noon – private dining room. The address is 12200
Crabapple Rd. Alpharetta, GA. RSVPs are required and should be provided to Arbor
Terrace at 678-894-7803 - as complimentary lunch is served.
Information about SeniorCare Options
SeniorCare Options is a team of Certified Aging Life Care Managers
throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. Our team consists of Master’s level
clinicians in the fields of counseling, social work, and therapeutic recreation –
as well as registered nursing. Our backgrounds are vast and specific to the
presenting clinical needs of our clients and their families who are in periods
of transition, have chronic or difficult-to-manage conditions, and who require
increased guidance. Our interdisciplinary focus, extensive experience, and
heightened sensitivity to their specific needs prove to be an incredible asset
to families faced with the maze of options and care needs.
For more information regarding Aging Life Care Management services, our
support groups, or to inquire about requesting services for someone under
your care through SeniorCare Options, please do not hesitate to contact us
at: 770-579-9177 or [email protected]
SeniorCare Options February 2015