Bolegg Terrace

Product presentation:
History Bolegg
• 1980 Rihs Agro starts with development of the Boleg concept
“Bodenhaltung Legehennen”
• 1983 Development of the Boleg 2 system (higher density)
• 1987 Serial assembly of the Boleg system
• 1992 Development of the Boleg 2 Rearing system
• 1998 Development of the Boleg 3 aviary system
• 2003 Change name Bolegg for better international acceptance
• End 2003 Development of the Bolegg Perfecta concept
• Start 2004 Development of the Bolegg Terrace concept
Bolegg Terrace
Classic Sid eb elt Nest
Aer at io n t u b es
Per ch es
D r in k in g lin es
Feed cir cu it
Lig h t
Bolegg Terrace
House layout with a good overview
Good start-up period
High quality laying nests
Excellent results
1. House layout with a good
Wide inspection alleys possible
No homing slats
To fit in every house width
Laying nests at one height,
good spread in the nests
“The birds at the Bolegg Terrace
don’t jump from one row to another,
but they move up through the system.”
2. Good start-up period
• Feeding and drinking at one level
• The nest is easy to reach
: Vo er lij n p o sit ie
3. High quality laying nests
Vencomatic Classic Sidebelt Nest
Self-cleaning through moveable floor
Open structure of the Vencomat
Optimised nest inspection,
the nests are always at one height
• Easy to reach egg belt
4. Excellent results
• Less second quality eggs
• Low percentage floor eggs
• Quick at a good production level,
because of the good start-up period
Bolegg Terrace
Bolegg Terrace
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