Course Outline

Science 9
Mr. Thomson
Email: [email protected]
I. Student Expectations:
It is the responsibility of each student to:
attend class regularly
arrive on time
come to class prepared
complete homework and assignments on time
study and review for quizzes and tests
pay attention and participate constructively in class
Students can take a more active role in their education by:
a. using their own time to research additional information about topics which
are of interest to them
b. asking questions and seeking extra help when required
c. providing help to others who are having difficulties
d. sharing with the class what they know, feel and believe
II. Course Objectives:
Equal emphasis will be placed on each of the following goals:
Science attitudes
Science skills and processes
Science content knowledge
Critical and creative thinking abilities
III. Evaluation:
1. Quizzes/Tests:
2. Homework & Assignments:
Your class mark is 80% of your overall grade. Your mark is cumulative throughout the
course. The remaining 20% of your overall grade will be determined from a cumulative
final exam! There are no recommendations in Science 9.
Course Outline:
Text: BC Science 9
1. Processes of Science
 Safety
 Rules and symbols
 Eye safety
 Location and use of safety equipment
 Science Skills
2. Physical Science – Atoms, Elements, And Compounds (Chapters 1-3)
 Atomic theory explains the composition and
behaviour of matter
 Elements are the building blocks of matter
 Elements combine to form compounds
3. Life Science – Reproduction (Chapters 4-6)
 The nucleus controls the functions of life
 Mitosis is the basis of asexual reproduction
 Meiosis is the basis of sexual reproduction
4. Physical Science – Characteristics of Electricity (Chapters 7-9)
 Static charge is produced by electron transfer
 Ohm’s law describes the relationship of current,
voltage, and resistance
 Circuits are designed to control the transfer of
electrical energy
5. Earth and Space Science – Space Exploration (Chapters 10-12)
 Scientific evidence suggests the universe formed about
13.7 billion years ago
 The components of the universe are separated by
unimaginably large distances
 Human understanding of Earth and the universe continues
to increase through observation and exploration
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